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Post by Eorl @ 02:50pm 04/10/11 | 8 Comments
In what comes as strange news to PS3 owners, a PSN blog has revealed that starting this October, new games will be listed each week in the new "Only On PSN" section of PSN. This will include games from various genres and will even include older PS2 titles, which is what comes as a surprise, as the original 60GB PS3 was the only one able to play PS2 games, with newer console version unable to. So it seems Sony is now offering owners the chance to revisit some of the classic titles, such as Godhand, GrimGrimoire and Odin Sphere.
"The PS2 games are in their original form. These aren’t remasters, and therefore won’t have Trophy support. But they retain their original gameplay, look, and charm through and through. Source.”
There are also deals being offered for PlayStation Plus subscribers, which inlcudes 20% off all titles in the first week. Additionally, users who spend $60 or more out of their PlayStation Network/Sony Entertainment Network wallet through the month of October will get $10 back in November. This includes any of the Only On PSN games, purchases of games, add-ons, movies and TV shows in both the game and video sections of the PlayStation Store, your paid subscriptions for PlayStation Plus or Music Unlimited, movie rentals or purchases through Video Unlimited and any games or virtual items you buy in PlayStation Home. promoted forum item


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Posted 02:54pm 04/10/11
c*********s take ps2 backwards compatibility from us and then try to pass it off as a new feature?

go f*** yourselves you evil c****
Posted 03:12pm 04/10/11
Bad news about this is it will no doubt take into account which games were released in what part of the world. Take for example the PS1 game on the US store Legend of Mana. We never got the actual PS1 game back in the day and we havn't gotten it in our store. I had to buy a US psn card and set up a whole fake account. So if you are hoping for a game that never made to our shores, you are out of luck.
Posted 04:13pm 04/10/11
my ps3 already does this

f*** i have lost so much respect for sony since the ps3. F*****g dog c**** are only out to make a buck, not about the gamers anymore.
Posted 04:52pm 04/10/11
teq! My sentiments exactly!
Posted 06:13pm 04/10/11
All games should be on PSN.
Posted 06:23pm 04/10/11
F*****g dog c**** are only out to make a buck, not about the gamers anymore.
They never were about the gamers.
Posted 02:59pm 05/10/11
They were about video camera's and TV's until they realized they could potentially make more flogging off video games :P
Posted 07:48pm 05/10/11
I would only be into this if Persona 3 FES and Persona 4 were available. I have not finished P4 and have not even touched P3 FES.
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