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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:03am 04/10/11 | 14 Comments
A new PS3 Trophies revelation would certainly have us believe so. has dug up a Trophies list for the game on PS3 that features unlocks specifically to a "Nightwing Bundle Pack", as part of more pre-order DLC for the game where you need to collect a certain number of medals while playing as Nightwing.

Specifically, each Trophy reads as:

Nightwing Revenge Obtain 78 medals on the original Arkham City and Nightwing Bundle Pack ranked maps (as Nightwing).

Campaign Nightwing Obtain 114 medals on the original Arkham City and Nightwing Bundle Pack campaigns (as Nightwing).

Whether he'll be available across all three platforms at this stage remains to be seen, and if you remember, the first game featured Joker-specific DLC that was exclusive to the PS3, so the same could be true of Nightwing.

The addition of Dick Grayson though, rounds out the playable characters in the game to four with Batman, Catwoman, Robin (Tim Drake) and now Nightwing. Batman: Arkham City has gone gold and is due to release in Australia this October 19.

Click here for a look at our extensive coverage of the game, right here on AusGamers.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:35am 04/10/11
anyone know a cheaper place to pre-order this puppy ?
Posted 10:51am 04/10/11
Greenman has it for $50, though after the Deus Ex scare I'm waiting until release to find out if things are region locked and whatnot. Not like it matters when I'm not going to unlock it on steam until then anyway, unless the option disappears.
Posted 10:56am 04/10/11
i'll be getting it on ps3 anyway so region's don't bother me
Posted 10:58am 04/10/11
i hope the steam version gets some bonuses.

also there's already a review out from the official playstation mag. they said not only is it the greatest superhero game of all time, it's one of the greatest games of all time.
Posted 12:50pm 04/10/11
Batman Arkham City for PS3 - $60 express delivery to Oz.
Posted 12:54pm 04/10/11
Sweet, Nightwing ftw. I really hope its not exclusive to PS3 though cos I wanted to buy this on 360 :(

Pretty solid cast of characters they've assembled, only real major villain I can think of off the top of my head who is missing is Ra's Al Ghul, but he really deserves his own game, he needs to be the mastermind behind something big not just a bit player. Oh and I guess they could use Clayface in a bigger role since he was really just a cameo in Arkham Asylum.

I just hope whatever they do, they leave Jason Todd way the f*** out =\
Posted 01:04pm 04/10/11
I'm not very familiar with the Batman universe but Ra's Al Ghul in Arabic means the head of the demon. Was there any reference to the meaning in the comics/cartoons/games/films?


Well what do you know..

His name in Arabic has been translated in the comics as "The Demon's Head" and references the name of the star Algol.
from wiki.
Posted 01:10pm 04/10/11
Could be that he was 'head' (boss) of the shadowy conspiracy group, from what I remember of the cartoon and Batman Begins.
Posted 01:13pm 04/10/11
Yeah, he's head of an organisation called The Demon. The League of Assassins is only part of that.
Posted 01:23pm 04/10/11
would have been happy if they just left robin in general way the f*** out
Posted 02:44pm 04/10/11
Yeah, they often call him the Demon's Head, I never actually realised that was a translation of Ra's Al Ghul though, I just thought it was another name he had. Cool!

Yeah, he's head of an organisation called The Demon. The League of Assassins is only part of that.

I haven't heard that before, where'd you read that? Cos often they just refer to Ra's as "The Demon" as well, like they refer to Talia as "The daughter of the Demon" and Damian as "Son of the Demon" and his origin story was called "Birth of the Demon"
Posted 02:52pm 04/10/11's_al_Ghul_(New_Earth)#Building_an_Empire
He also builds up vast wealth and creates The Demon, a vast international organization. "It has been whispered in the darkest places for 500 years that a cartel of criminals has slowly sucked its way into the rich veins of the Earth. Many are its names spit from the mouths of men, but most often it is cursed only as ...The Demon. It has a leader ... a Head." The League of Assassins, one of the many smaller organizations making up The Demon, is thus sometimes called "The Demon's Fang" or "Demonfang".
Posted 03:33pm 04/10/11
Cool, I never knew that, I dunno how much it really gets used though cos I haven't seen it mentioned before, but then I wasn't really reading or following it that closely back then. Since hes been ressurected I've only seen him doing League of Assassins stuff, but either way, a Batman game like this with Ra's as the main bad guy would be pretty epic. Unless hes secretly in this one and hasn't been announced, thats my early tip for the next Batman game!
Posted 03:35pm 04/10/11
will that one be call batman: arkham COUNTRY?
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