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Post by Dan @ 12:51pm 03/10/11 | 15 Comments
Gearbox and SEGA have released a new gameplay trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines, their upcoming first person shooter that once again pits players as space marines against the xenomorph aliens, this time without any Predators the mix.

This 11 minute gameplay walkthrough is the same section of the game shown to press back at the E3 expo in June and narrated by Gearbox head honcho Randy Pitchford.

Check it out below or click here for the HD option.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is expected in Autumn 2012 (US Spring) for PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo 3DS, with a Wii-U version also expected to accompany that new console's launch.

aliens colonial marinestrailergearboxsega
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Latest Comments
Posted 12:57pm 03/10/11
Looks pretty bad.
Posted 12:57pm 03/10/11
I saw this yesterday and besides that guy's rather annoying narration, something seems... off about the game. I'm not sure what it is though. Maybe it was the single NPC standing on the spot screaming when he was fighting the aliens that did it but there's something up with this that doesn't seem fun to watch. Lets hope playing it better.
Posted 01:27pm 03/10/11
It just seems to lack something that AVP had, despite being a new generation game...
Posted 01:49pm 03/10/11
Just don't turn into an Alivens vs Predators debacle.
Posted 02:26pm 03/10/11
I really hope that is very early alpha
Posted 04:37pm 03/10/11
By AVP I meant AVP2.. not that horrible game released recently...
Posted 05:04pm 03/10/11
Yeah, it just doesn't feel too right, the marines don't feel badass enough and the whole thing just seems too clean and neat, doesn't have that dirty industrial, claustrophobic feel that Aliens had. Everything is so shiny =\
Posted 05:14pm 03/10/11
The combat looks a bit under whelming. I think they should add some more louder music in combat, faster movement and maybe more explosions, but hey that's just me.
Posted 06:10pm 03/10/11
For some strange reason im getting a Duke Nukem Forever feeling.
Posted 06:12pm 03/10/11
What was with the movement speed?! It all looked like super slow mo
Posted 06:17pm 03/10/11
Maybe that's what it's lacking. The speed and brutality of the aliens we've come to expect.
Posted 07:22pm 03/10/11
Dunno seemed fine to me... Except the alien blood.. it looked abit WTF.. but they may change.
Posted 07:37pm 03/10/11
it must be a console controller playing in the video i rekn... that's no mouse look. the aliens seemed weak though they looked good up close.
Posted 08:36pm 03/10/11
omg what are you guys talking about that was amazing.

The detail in the water and the outdoor environment was awesome. Especially running away from the charger.

The aliens showed brutality of course popping out of the vents in the turret hallway and killing that guy or knocking over the power loader.

As a big fan of alien and predator related things this looks awesome. Choosing weapons off a table, coop. I seriously don't understand why you guys don't like this.
Posted 08:37pm 03/10/11
It looked slow mo because the guy was being a douche and showing you all the details. I really liked the queen at the end
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