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Post by trog @ 07:41am 01/10/11 | 16 Comments
In a move that will make many people happy, Valve have announced some free add-ons to Portal 2, due to land October 4th:
In "Peer Review", you and a friend will continue the story of loyal bots P-Body and Atlas as you puzzle your way through a mysterious new co-op test track and once again match wits with GLaDOS. The DLC also features a single player and co-op Challenge Mode, and leaderboards to compare Challenge Mode scores with friends and the Portal community.
To "hold you over" until the release, they've also released Volume 3 of the soundtrack, which you can download now, locally from AusGamers.

portal 2soundtrackdlc
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Latest Comments
Posted 09:55am 01/10/11
portal2 dlc
dead nation dlc
bf3 beta

Posted 11:11am 01/10/11
^ These are tough times.
Posted 11:42am 01/10/11
real tough.
considering theyre all free except dead nation which was $6.
Posted 12:45pm 01/10/11
thanks for the heads up trog. Wad good times playing in coop
Posted 12:48pm 01/10/11
*sniff*, nobody thanks me for the heads up.

portal2 dlc
dead nation dlc
bf3 beta


Man, I still have the dragon age 1 DLC requiring another 50-60 bajillion hour playthrough to experience.
Posted 04:26pm 01/10/11
I have yet to get Portal 2. Probs wait for the xmas steam sale now.

Till then I have borderlands and dead island to satisfy my coop fun. Just wish they'd patch dead island already.
Posted 04:36pm 01/10/11
Just wish they'd patch dead island already.

Patch to do what?

The helper app does everything I want it to do, apart from being able to fix the audio glitching when you roam your mouse across a bunch of menu items in the inventory/menu etc.
Posted 06:25pm 01/10/11
Be able to disable in game voice chat, fix an issue with the windows mouse appear and not being able to remove it without restarting, respec your skills, etc.
The GuVna
Posted 08:16am 05/10/11
Woot it has been released! Patch ways in at 763.4 MB.

Free DLC: "Peer Review", which adds a new multiplayer test track for robo-buddies P-body and Atlas, and features a single-player and co-op Challenge mode.

Also if you were waiting for a sale on this game to go on sale, it's 50% off for 2 days.
Posted 03:32pm 05/10/11
Which means for those too lazy to fire up Steam, it's $us14.99. Damned cheap for an awesome game.
Posted 03:37pm 05/10/11
DLC is out, quite good.
Posted 05:32pm 05/10/11
Wow I always said I'd buy Portal 2 when it's on special, but I've already pre-ordered BF3 and Skyrim I won't have time to play it :(
Posted 06:02pm 05/10/11
portal 2 isn't a very big game. you would get through it in a day or 2.
Posted 07:01pm 05/10/11
I don't see any DLC... was it just a co-op update or did you specifically get it through DLC?
Posted 07:17pm 05/10/11
About time.
Posted 12:32pm 06/10/11
Well playing through the DLC didn't take long at all, 2 hours maybe if that? The complexity was good but way too short.
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