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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:24pm 30/09/11 | 6 Comments
AusGamers takes a look at the RTS/FPS hybrid, Nuclear Dawn, from InterWave studios that pits players against each other in tactical team shooter combat across a variety of maps based around post-nuclear fallout.

From the review:
Although the commander system was already used in Battlefield 2, and other games such as Natural Selection, it feels fresh here. Part of that is because the commander has much better control of the maps due to their smaller size.
We let Patrick Stafford loose in the game's beta to dish up a review for you shooter and team tactic types out there - click here for his full run-down.

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:41pm 30/9/11
Hows the Aussie server/player population? Want to pick it up but want to make sure there a strong player base to play with.
Posted 03:05pm 30/9/11
When I was playing there were about five or six servers with all of them mostly full. I also played on some international servers and the lag wasn't too bad.
Posted 03:56pm 30/9/11
I'll buy it in by the end of the next week or so.
Posted 01:07pm 01/10/11
just ordered it, 4.7gig dl
Posted 02:29pm 01/10/11
Will be buying too next week, was worried about the Aussie popultion so I held off pre-ordering.

Like pdstaffrd said, apparently latency isn't a huge problem on international servers
Posted 04:00pm 03/10/11
Havn't played it post-launch (didn't know it had released already XD) but it was running VERY well on my system (Despite a little input lag) in the beta.

Pretty much agree with the review.
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