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Post by Dan @ 10:07am 30/09/11 | 15 Comments
As the global launch for id Software's long awaited RAGE draws ever closer, Bethesda have released a new trailer featuring yet another extended section of gameplay.
In this video, the Resistance has heard rumors of an Ark surfacing in Jackal Valley and they need you to search the site for a valuable data decrypter. Finding it won't be easy as the valley is home to one of the Wastelands most brutal factions, the savage Jackal Clan.
Watch the traile embedded below or click here for the HD option.

RAGE is due on Australian shelves next Thursday, October 6th 2011.

If all goes well, we should have a launch-day review online so keep an eye out for that one and hit up our RAGE game page for our past extensive coverage.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:16am 30/9/11
Forgot that was coming out next week. Must find a copy for cheap.
Posted 10:23am 30/9/11
They should have just called it Mad Max
Posted 10:28am 30/9/11
Only watched a minute, I'm undecided again this is either going to be really great, or really pretty but s***. Will find out next week I guess.
Posted 10:58am 30/9/11
I heard it was fairly linear.

Probably just wait to get it on steam sale me thinks.
Posted 01:37pm 30/9/11
Save us Gordon Freeman!

Posted 02:11pm 30/9/11
I used a VPN to buy it at the US price on steam.
Posted 03:01pm 30/9/11
I wonder how well its going to go, I haven't seen it really pushed or marketed much in stores. When I was in EB last weekend and the storeperson started trying to push pre-orders on me, it didn't even get a mention. He tried to push BF3, MW3, Skyrim, Assassin's Creed, Batman, even Diablo 3 on me, but no mention of Rage.
Posted 03:42pm 30/9/11
Saw it at the Rage shindig with Tim Willits the other week, this game runs plenty smooth on a console, Would look amazing on a PC.

Pro tip: this game has very cool "secret rooms"

last edited by scuzzy at 15:42:31 30/Sep/11
Posted 04:13pm 30/9/11
Oh s***, rage is coming out next week haha. Yeah I need to find a cheap key too but I would assume that places like GMG and such will get keys when it comes out.
Posted 07:57pm 01/10/11
doesn't interest me. Plus i reckon carmack is a d***.
Posted 11:03pm 01/10/11
is $34 cheap?
Posted 11:05am 02/10/11
I like the exploding crossbow bolts, and the reaction from the dudes when they know they're about to explode.

But yeah, it kinda looks like Borderlands on the Doom3 engine...
Posted 02:12pm 02/10/11
Ordered it as ozgameshop. Figured its only $40 and if its crap oh well, and if it is good yay for only $40.
Posted 03:24pm 02/10/11
Ordered it as ozgameshop. Figured its only $40 and if its crap oh well, and if it is good yay for only $40.

said the exact same for Brink... Still felt ripped off
Posted 04:37pm 02/10/11
said the exact same for Brink... Still felt ripped off

lol. I didnt even pay for brink and felt ripped off for the time i wasted trying it out and spent DLing it. F*****s.
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