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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:05am 30/09/11 | 11 Comments
There's an all-new Syndicate gameplay trailer we've uploaded for you today, and after yours truly just landed from EA's Vegas showcase where I actually got to play the game, I want to tell all the naysayers out there, it's fricking awesome.

There's a decent amount of variety shown in today's video, but we also have a batch of new screens direct from the event, and I'll be getting my impressions up in preview form soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Running off the same engine Starbreeze used for both Chronicles of Riddick and The Darkness, Syndicate not only looks the goods, but feels fast, fluid and comfortable, and has nudged its way into my 2012 must-have list already.

Watch the trailer embedded below, or click here for the HD option. You can also check out our new screens by clicking the supplied thumbnails.

syndicatestarbreezechronicles of riddickthe darknessvideo
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Latest Comments
Posted 10:31am 30/9/11
Looks decent, can't wait for the preview.
Posted 10:59am 30/9/11
I hope it's non-linear and you get a few different ways to complete missions.

Probably not going to be on steam too :(
Posted 11:36am 30/9/11
Seems like a more action orientated Deus Ex.
Posted 11:40am 30/9/11
It looks cool and Starbreeze make good games, but it still seems like the Syndicate name was just tacked on, this doesn't seem like it should be a Syndicate game at all.
Posted 06:51pm 30/9/11
Eorl is all over it again...

Looks like EA wants some Deus Ex money...

HOWEVER, if the game comes across only HALF as awesome as that Skrillex remix of the original theme, It'll be ALL OVER Deus Ex
Posted 07:51pm 30/9/11
Thats supposed to be a remix of the Syndicate theme? I thought it was just electronic noise, had to check my speakers a few times before I was sure it was actually meant to sound like that and wasn't just a sound problem.
Posted 09:23am 01/10/11
omg that looks sexy sexy sexy

the music brought me back to the old days
Posted 01:39pm 01/10/11
I think I tingled a little bit, and yeah mteejay, music was spot on.
Posted 07:12pm 01/10/11
that looked great! I hope it has some of the atmosphere from the original syndicates - digging the music too.
Posted 07:41pm 01/10/11
Seems like a more action orientated Deus Ex.

It does and I approve.
Posted 08:09pm 01/10/11
Looks pretty rad to me.
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