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Post by scuzzy @ 08:27pm 29/09/11 | 18 Comments
If you roll on consoles, then some good news - the Battlefield 3 beta is now available for you on Xbox Live.

Pirroh also reports it is now online on the PlayStation Network as well.

Reports have been pretty good so far for the PC version - when people can get it to work, anyway - so if you're playing it on consoles drop us a line in the comments to let us know how it compares. promoted/rewritten forum item

battlefield 3betaplaystation networkxbox live
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Latest Comments
Posted 08:29pm 29/9/11
Posted 08:46pm 29/9/11
It's up on the Playstation Network too now...
Posted 08:51pm 29/9/11
wow, awesome heads up, will download, immediately.
Posted 10:00pm 29/9/11
This is an utter waste of time on xbox
Posted 08:01am 30/9/11
S***, i forgot to download it yesterday immediately.

This is an utter waste of time on xbox
Wait, why?
Posted 08:11am 30/9/11
To quote the Battlefield twitter account

We're having some technical difficulties on the 360 - working to fix it. Stand by!
Posted 09:33am 30/9/11
In the interests of stopping this turning into a PC vs console flamewar can people just limit it to their experiences with playing on the consoles? If you're going to compare it to PC please explain why.
Posted 09:47am 30/9/11
Have they mentioned how long the beta is going for? Hopefully longer than the uncharted3 beta
Posted 09:49am 30/9/11
Till October 10th I think
Posted 10:44am 30/9/11
Wait, why?
Fired it up last night, had countless connection failures to the EA auth system. once I did get into a game I was presented with 2 minutes of black screen, and the inability to move due to intense lag (not even playable in any ounce of the word). This morning at 7am when I tried again I wasn't able to connect to the EA server at all.

But I must say, the game has oodles of sensitivity to keep my Xim3 happy.
Posted 10:55am 30/9/11
Yeah i fired it up this morning as well and got he same error of not being able to connect to EA servers.

And yes, this game is definitely XIM3 worthy!
Posted 07:19pm 30/9/11
This game had better have a f*****g latancy meter in the full verison
Posted 08:18pm 30/9/11
Did you end up joining a match dude? every time i joined the screen would just went black and i could only hear birds chirping in the background. The only way to get out of it is to reset back to the xbox dashboard. This happened to me like 5 or 6 times. I then joined a laggy game which was totally unplayable. I quit and rejoined (after another 2 or 3 resets due to the black screen) then eventually i found a game that ran smooth as silk and was playing for about an hour with no problems.

The game so far is ok. Graphics are not mind blowing or anything and feel a lil cartoony, but that's probably just the xbox. Some of the visual effects are nice, especially when firing rapidly in the subway. Sounds effects are top notch but you can expect that from a battlefield game. Classes seem more of the same from previous BF games. It's definitely a objective/team game, doing your own thing is boring and gets you killed fast. Other than that there were a whole lot of campers, snipers and seemingly random kills. The map in the beta definitely needs vehicles/planes etc, it's just too big to be crossing on foot. Overall, it like a solid game but it's more of the same wouldn't say i'm super hyped about the game just from playing the beta, to say the least.
Posted 07:48pm 30/9/11
Eventualy a game will load, it just takes ages. I've found a "playable" game but it's still pretty laggy. everything seems a bit too fullbright in some areas :)
Posted 07:51pm 30/9/11
I havent downloaded it yet on PSN but i suspect it wont be that great on console

Games on console don't play out like the do on PC, teams are rarely balanced. Judging from my experiences playing Bad Company 2 on PSN and BF1942/2 on PC.

console twin stick co op ftw
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