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Post by trog @ 02:11pm 29/09/11 | 8 Comments
Our file downloads are just temporarily offline - hopefully for only about 30 minutes - while we reshuffle some things.

Only our Australian download server is affected; our US-based server is still online and serving the high-demand files (including the Battlefield 3 beta).

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Update: taking a bit longer than we thought; stay tuned.

Update: Finished, go!


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Posted 02:15pm 29/9/11
Serious?!? You're losing my subscription to this site.
Posted 02:18pm 29/9/11
I will give you a complete refund. Please paste your credit card details so I can arrange it!
Posted 02:19pm 29/9/11
Omg now I can't download bf3!!!!!!!111!1!331739&'-#*@%
Posted 02:28pm 29/9/11
I trust your 'reshuffling' includes uploading a link to the bf3 beta for us
Posted 04:32pm 29/9/11
30 minutes? man that was 2 hours ago
Posted 04:39pm 29/9/11
I know right!

Coming back now
Posted 04:40pm 29/9/11
Posted 05:17pm 29/9/11
4940 5213.....wait a min!
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