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Post by crazymorton @ 10:47am 29/09/11 | 12 Comments
Amazon have announced they're entering the tablet market with a new device - the Kindle Fire:
WE ARE building premium products at non-premium prices,” crowed Jeff Bezos, the boss of Amazon, as he unveiled a raft of new Kindle computing devices on September 28th. Among them was the Kindle Fire, which represents the company’s first foray into the tablet-computing market. Priced at a mere $199, the new device could pose the biggest threat yet to Apple’s iPad, which has dominated the tablet arena since its launch last year.

The device does not offer mobile connectivity, only a Wi-Fi link. Nor does it have a built-in camera or microphone for things such as video-chatting. And its screen is smaller than that of the iPad, though the quality of its graphic display is impressive. Amazon will no doubt roll out new versions in due course that rectify the Fire’s shortcomings and make further improvements to it.
It seems Amazon are going to hit the tablet market pretty hard, so stay tuned for more info. promoted/edited forum item


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Posted 10:50am 29/9/11
Yeah seen the Fire but not really that interested in it to be honest simply because the batteries life would suck and yep can't read it in the full sun. I'm more interested in the Kindle Touch which is looking very nice.

So I'll probably ended up getting that instead for the other half who's a book worm, and I'll just inherit her current Kindle 3rd gen which is still pretty good. I'm really a casual reader and usually read on my SGSII on the train. But it's nice to read on the Kindle at home because the screen are bigger and easier on the eyes.
Posted 11:00am 29/9/11
you've gotta remember mort that a product's lack of features is not always an impediment to sales volume. ref: apple products
Posted 11:13am 29/9/11
to true hardware

opec- i don't think it's going to be pushed as an alt to the Kindle reader, in fact they are launcing another range of e-readers
(Amazon also launched several new Kindle e-readers, including one costing just $79.)

i agree with you, i have an iPad and kindle, mainly use my kindle for reading, will use ipad sometimes but pretty rare. so i think it's trying to grab some of the tablet market more than anything.
Posted 11:53am 29/9/11
Pretty disappointing, I was hoping they'd release something using a Mirasol or Pixel QI screen.
Posted 11:57am 29/9/11
Haven't had time to look, but is it running its own OS or Android or what?
Posted 11:58am 29/9/11
And Midda - yeh, I really want to see a consumer tab with a pixel qi :(
Posted 12:18pm 29/9/11
Amazon has also developed an app store for the device, which will run on a much-adapted version of Google’s Android operating system.
Posted 12:29pm 29/9/11
Haven't had time to look, but is it running its own OS or Android or what?

Android with hardcore mods.

Should be good to put a custom rom on, glad I didn't get a HP tablet for $99. This should be much better.
Posted 12:35pm 29/9/11
I'm confused. Apple sued Samsung siting breaches of their "touch screen" technology patents as the reason and stopped the Galaxy tab from being sold here. Does this mean these other tablet products have permission to use the technology or Apple is just intent on killing Samsung's tablet ambitions ?
Posted 12:59pm 29/9/11
they may end up with patent issues, who isn't these days, but apple legal may not go after them... eg the playbook or touchpad didn't have any trouble afaik. imo samsung is asking for it
Posted 01:33pm 29/9/11
Yeah it's running Android 2.3 with heavy mods as redhat said apparently Amazon's Jen Jenkin (the guy that works on Amazon's Silk browser) said that they expect some people will root Amazon's fire:

Posted 04:53pm 29/9/11
I think a more accurate description would be its running Android (as in the open-source platform) but does not use any Google-proprietary software, instead it has Amazon-proprietary software
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