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Post by Dan @ 01:43pm 27/09/11 | 9 Comments
As mentioned yesterday EA have released the promised new gameplay trailer for Battlefield 3. At just over a minute long (and packing peculiarly misogynistic backing music), it's not as enticing as most of us would have hoped. But there are a few snippets of new in-game action to be had and with the open beta test kicking off tonight for "early access" players, it might still help get you pumped.

Check it out below or click here for the HD option

Battlefield 3 is due on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on October 27th 2011

battlefield 3bf3mutliplayerbetaeadice
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Latest Comments
Posted 01:48pm 27/9/11
Personally I like the music, jay-z is awesome.
Posted 02:35pm 27/9/11
Personally i like the music, but jay-z is a mega twat.
Posted 03:34pm 27/9/11
Above and beyond the call.... of duty? haha
Posted 04:42pm 27/9/11
Above and Beyond the "call of Duty" games.......
Posted 05:05pm 27/9/11
yeah lol awesome backhanded slap in the face:
Above and Beyond the Call!
Posted 05:33pm 27/9/11
Cod's got 99 problems and whiny little b****** be all of them.
Posted 06:06pm 27/9/11
Cod's got 99 problems and whiny little b****** be all of them.

Posted 06:33pm 27/9/11
The music is s***... The rest looks great!
Posted 06:36pm 27/9/11
You look great! the rest looks s***!
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