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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:34pm 23/09/11 | 4 Comments
If you've ever watched the Seinfeld DVD extra "Notes About Nothing", you'll know just how informative pop-ups over a video can be.

For those of you keen to get your Bruce Will... er, I mean Max Payne on, in his third adventure, Rockstar have released an updated version of the game's debut gameplay trailer, replete with pop-ups talking about many facets explored in the video including melee, cover, Max's enemies and much, much more.

We'd host this locally, but the pop-ups are a part of Rockstar's flash player or something, so instead we've just embedded their version below. Check it out!

max payne 3rockstargameplay trailervideo
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Latest Comments
Posted 12:37pm 23/9/11
What are these "opo-ups"?
Posted 01:27pm 23/9/11
I found the popups really hard to read and focus on the narration at the same time, was it just me?
Posted 02:12pm 23/9/11
That player loads far too slow, watched it on the tubes instead.
Posted 12:05pm 24/9/11
oh yeah just what we need , commentary tracks for game trailers..... give me af*****g break
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