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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:47pm 22/09/11 | 6 Comments
AusGamers was recently able to get hands-on with the console version of Battlefield 3's single-player and a bit of co-op, and while it's definitely not nearly as purdy as it is on PC, there's still an expanded sense of what to expect in both modes, regardless of platform, from what we played.

So what should you expect? Well, we didn't play a great deal, but it was enough to get a grasp on the game's heavy scripting and direction, how they're big battles look and feel, and, most importantly, what to expect from the enemy AI you're going to be grinding through.

We also have a few new screens uploaded you can check out from both TGS and GamesCom, just ahead of the game's release next month. Click the thumbnails below for a closer look, and right here for our hands-on preview.

battlefield 3co-opconsolehands-onpreviewausgamers
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Latest Comments
Posted 05:15pm 22/9/11
Loving the critical previews. Keep it up.

I'm still buying it and hanging for it. But it's always nice to get an idea of what others thoughts are.
Posted 03:21am 23/9/11
Well Battlefield bad company 2 single player was balls. I highly doubt anyone is buying BF3 for the single player...
Posted 04:38am 23/9/11
I quite liked its single player, bf bc2 that is
Posted 08:15am 23/9/11
^ So did I - played through it and thought it was a lot of fun.
Posted 09:37am 26/9/11
I Think it is quite obvious that DICE is starting to slowly ignore how EA thinks. For example battlefield 2 was good but it had an EA feel to it; Command and Conquer generals had three factitions, USA, GLA and China... Battlefield 2 had USMC (USA), MEC (GLA) and The people liberation army (china) which all have a very similar feel and gameplay type. And, Battlefield bad company(Or B company) was never released on the PC! Well anyway, EA killed Westwood studios (the REAL makers of command and conquer) by f****** up Tiberian Sun so lets just prey that EA's not going to do the same to DICE...
Posted 09:52am 26/9/11
F*** I love these 1 post randoms, at least once a week they provide some vague(ie. retarded) insight into either EA/DICE or Acti/iW/Sledgehammer/ whoever is running that circus now.

Edit* - for the sake of staying on topic, I also played BC2's sp campaign and thoroughly enjoyed it/
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