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Post by Dan @ 01:39pm 22/09/11 | 2 Comments
European publisher Paradox -- known for their predominately PC-based niche titles (Europa Universalis, Mount & Blade, Hearts of Iron, Magicka) -- have revealed a new upcoming project that should pique the interests of anyone disappointed with the new directions taken by the recent revivals of the Syndicate and XCOM franchises.

Speaking to RPS, Paradox's Shams Jorjani describe Cartel as a sci-fi strategy game consisting of two parts:
You have the action mission part and then the part that takes place between missions. On missions you control a squad of elite soldiers and specialists who are controlled RTS-style. There are a lot of different mission types you can send these guys on, such recon and exploration missions, sabotage missions, retrieval missions, assassinations missions, and so on.
Jorjani explains that the company's niche-centric philosophy and recent successes with Magicka and Mount & Blade is a good match for the voids being left behind as these bigger publishers detatch these big franchises from their original playstyles.
2K and the others might need to sell five million copies of their game, and might only be able to do that with a shooter, but we don’t have that worry. We can make games that hearken back to the 90s. That’s what we’re doing here, and it was very easy to find a number of studios in Sweden that were interested in working on this with us, because Sweden has a very strong PC heritage.
Cartel is reportedly still very early in development -- quoted as being 12-18 months away at the very least -- so there's no images of videos to share as yet, but it's certainly nice to hear that there are still publishers out there that are happy to serve the niche markets left behind by the majors.


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Posted 01:42pm 22/9/11
O hell yes. I will be watching very closely.
Posted 12:39am 23/9/11
Very good, hopefully its a direct copy of Syndicate from 1990's but with updated physics, graphics etc :)
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