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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 07:40pm 20/09/11 | 17 Comments
At this year's TGS, AusGamers was given some great access to Darksiders 2 in the form of a forthcoming video interview, as well as sitting in on a demo of the game. Everything we saw has already been shown at both E3 and GamesCom, but we did manage to get some juicy information out of the game's Creative Director, Daniel Isaac, through a bit of probing.

For one, we asked if we'd be seeing the return of Wicked K, the top-hat, cain-wielding skeleton from the first game who likely whooped a lot of players' asses. Apparently this was the first time anyone had asked that question, and we were met with a response saying it hadn't been ruled out and that they'd in fact written all of his lines, but they hadn't been recorded yet.

There will also be a reward system for anyone who played the first game right through, that will carry-over, in some form (likely from save data), to Darksiders 2 in a unique way. But this component was not really expanded upon in discussion beyond Daniel revealing a wry smile while mentioning it.

It was also touched upon that the game would come with a social element that was rather dubiously linked, in very vague form, to a Diablo-like trading system. Nothing was confirmed here, let that be noted, but Isaac did say that most of the team "play the shit out of Diablo" and that from that we should "connect the dots" when we asked if it was specifically like Diablo's Auction House or trading system.

He also mentioned that Darksiders 2 would have a "much bigger" over-world with a lot of smaller dungeons and a lot more in the way of side-quests and side-dungeons for more hardcore players. There are also "several realms" in the game (the Underworld realm is what we saw in the demo) and each realm has its own over-world. The expanded game will be twice the size of the critical path game, which in itself is apparently "much larger" than the original game. He also touched on the team having a very "robust DLC strategy" post-release which, given the single-player nature of the game, means more story content for fans of the Darksiders universe.

He also said there's still a chance Mark Hamill may be back for the sequel, but that they were still "working out the logistics of it, or if it's even necessary". He did say that it's something they'd like to include though.

And finally, for PC owners, the game will launch day and date with the console versions, so no lengthy waiting this time around and it will have features unique to the desktop platform.

We'll have more on Darksiders 2 in the very near future, but for fans of the first game, hopefully all of that is enough to get you excited for this very promising-looking sequel. Check out more screens by clicking the thumbnails below.

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Latest Comments
Posted 08:08pm 20/9/11
cant wait.

the first didn't do anything new or amazing and the graphics were not ground breaking but the art design was dead on for the game they were making and most importantly, it did (almost) everything fun which shouldn't stand out in games today but it does...

so many devs are stuck in the bulls*** machine when they would do so well to start development on gameplay instead of graphics.
Posted 08:16pm 20/9/11
I gotta start saving my save games so i can get in on this roll over content.
Posted 08:19pm 20/9/11
Darksiders is still in my pile of games to one day get back to and finish, but what I have played of it was awesome
Posted 10:15pm 20/9/11
The main character in the first one looked terrible, the titular character this time around looks better, albeit a clone of Casey Jones from TMNT.
Posted 10:32pm 20/9/11
Should be fun!
Posted 10:34pm 20/9/11
Well, its not actually the titular character because you play as Death and his name isn't in the title. But I think War looked cool, thats just the art style for this game, big and bomastic and over the top, and it really works imo.
Posted 11:39pm 20/9/11
I thought War looked rad. I really love the first game, but I'm in the same boat as Khel, I still need to go back an actually finish it. It was f*****g awesome up until you get that portal gun. The puzzles using that thing got a bit tiresome.
Posted 08:54am 21/9/11
YAY for day one PC release!
Posted 08:57am 21/9/11
Love the artwork in these pics
Posted 01:04pm 21/9/11
I hope they don't ruin the successful formula of the first game.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:50pm 21/9/11
It doesn't look like that's the case at all Drax, if anything they're amplifying it and addressing some of the first game's lower points. All signs, from what I've seen this year, point to this being awesome!
Posted 02:01pm 21/9/11
Looks kinda wow'y?
Posted 02:18pm 21/9/11
Looks kinda wow'y?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 03:28pm 21/9/11
really? I don't see that at all casa
The GuVna
Posted 03:45pm 21/9/11
War looked sweet :) The only downside with Darksiders i found is when you get all these bad arse upgrades, combos armour etc, you get to the end of the game & that's it, there's no end game really. WHich is a shame as I thought the game has way more potential just to go into a treasure hunt.

Unless there's a hidden mode I'm unaware of?

Also Darksiders 4 would be a kick arse 4 player co-op if they get to that point in their franchise! :)
Steve Farrelly
Posted 05:01pm 21/9/11
GuV, we actually touch on that exact point in our forthcoming interview :) great minds eh?
The GuVna
Posted 05:15pm 21/9/11
Indeed we do! You guys hiring? :D
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