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Post by Dan @ 11:31am 20/09/11 | 9 Comments
The Western media at the recent Tokyo Games Show (AusGamers included) were disappointed with the level of access afforded to the PlayStation Vita lineup at the event, but a couple of interesting new factoids on Sony's upcoming portable have found their way online outside of the regular PR channels in the last few days.

Responding to a simple fan query on Twitter, Sony President of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida has confirmed that the device will be region free, meaning that games purchased from any global region can be played on the hardware from any other region. In a series of followup tweets however, he was quick to discourage western gamers from importing a Japanese console, citing "minor nuisances" as his reasoning.
"There are people who are interested in importing the Japanese version of PS Vita from outside Japan, but I personally do not recommend that."

"Sorry I'm not explaining well, but from my experience owning both US and J game consoles of everything, there tend to be minor nuisances."

"Like inconsistency between the use of x and o buttons between system software and games."
In other big news for the Vita, the long-awaited battery-life was also officially confirmed, along with a new spec sheet. Eurogamer reports:
The PlayStation Vita's battery gives you between three and five hours of gameplay, Sony has announced.

That extends to five hours of video playback or nine hours of music playback, if in standby mode. It'll take approximately two hours and 40 minutes to charge from empty.
Considering the core-gaming focus and flexible control options of the Vita, there is concern among much of the target audience that 3-5 hours of battery may not cut it -- particularly as due to the addition of the rear touchpad, the Vita (unlike it's predecessor) won't have a removable battery.

In an interview with IGN, Yoshida has also revealed that there are plans for an official Sony external battery pack add-on, but our guess is that it won't come cheap. With competition in the mobile space now in the form of smartphones and tablets that offer superior battery longevity, it's going to be interesting to see whether this will be a limiting factor for the Vita's success.

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Posted 11:38am 20/9/11
I'm sort of curious as to what research goes into batteries these days. It seems any device like a phone, ipad, portable gaming thing like 3DS or Vita drains the entire battery in only a few hours. Granted I don't know much about batteries but is it really that hard to find a way to increase their life?
Posted 12:01pm 20/9/11
That's pretty much what I would have expected the battery to be like.

Also, with regards to importing from Japan, the mentioned issue with X and O being different is definitely annoying. My housemate bought a PS3 in Japan, and it certainly makes things difficult. It's usually only in the menus, but sometimes the functions of the buttons are swapped in-game as well, and the on-screen button prompts can be switched around. Pretty frustrating.
Posted 12:15pm 20/9/11
Penny Arcade are still 1 step ahead :(

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Posted 02:39pm 20/9/11
Makes the 3DS battery look awesome.
Posted 02:45pm 20/9/11
Have to play it plugged in like the ol' lynx.
Posted 05:53pm 20/9/11
Granted I don't know much about batteries but is it really that hard to find a way to increase their life?
Well its pretty simple, make the battery bigger or make the device draw less power, sony has decided that 3.5h at the vitas size is the "sweet spot", even though the times you would really want a portable device you'd want more than that imo.
Posted 06:04pm 20/9/11
there are plans for an official Sony external battery pack add-on

Translation: We admit the battery life really sucks, but we know PS fanboys will gladly pay extra to make it suck a little bit less.
Posted 06:08pm 20/9/11
Just wait for the next console revision when the battery life is doubled and the price is half.
Posted 06:14pm 20/9/11
Have to play it plugged in like the ol' lynx.

Haha. Lynx rocked.
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