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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 07:37pm 15/09/11 | 19 Comments
As the battle for Holiday shooter roost ruler draws ever closer, Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games have been pro-actively talking about major decisions in place for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 that are totally opposite decisions made for Modern Warfare 2, and for the better (LAN support, Dedicated Servers, etc).

There still remains a single point of contention and concern among many gamers though, in the Call of Duty: Elite offering Activision are serving up. This is essentially their one-stop social network for the series where players can track stats, remain in touch with friends, explore the finer details on their CoD game of choice, pick up new strategies and more.

This type of thing already exists in many forms for other games, and often for free, but it has always been Activision's goal to monetise a "premium version" for their more dedicated users with a higher level of usage and activity from the service.

News comes from Activision Australia today that an Aussie price-point of $64.99 will apply to anyone looking for Premium access to Elite, which in less "premium" form is also available for free to users. It will also be part of the "Hardened" collector's edition.
The recently announced 'Hardened' Edition for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is available in LIMITED quantities to pre-order for $159.95 RRP. Boasting multiplayer maps packs, memberships, in-game unlockables and a one-of-a-kind book bound with Call of Duty Modern Warfare's untold secrets, the 'Hardened Edition' is the definitive experience for the Call of Duty fan. The 'Hardened Edition' includes a 1-year Call of Duty ELITE Premium membership and ‘Founders Status’ (which means you receive EXCLUSIVE in-game Emblem, Playercard, Weapon Camouflage, Clan XP Boost, plus more exclusive benefits).
For anyone wondering, the US price-point for the Elite Premium package is US$49.99, which is a bit of a low-blow for us considering the strength of the Aussie dollar and that fact this isn't a physical product.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 lands on retail store-shelves worldwide this November 8.

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Latest Comments
Posted 07:39pm 15/9/11
3 times the price? f*****g lol.
Posted 07:42pm 15/9/11
No, the elite premium package is $64.99 AUD and $49.99 for US. Only a 30% premium...

Posted 07:51pm 15/9/11
I think Frakture was referring to the Hardened edition where you pay an extra C note for a cool book and bonus MP maps. TOTALLY worth the price.
Posted 08:16pm 15/9/11
What part of the pricing makes any sense? this should be illegal.
Posted 09:48pm 15/9/11
Hah hah! Looks like I'm sticking with Battlefield 3 this round. Activision software is way to expensive even years after initial release. No more money of mine witll the receive.
Posted 10:00pm 15/9/11
No reason at all for it to cost more for us, pass. Besides we can expect about 4 DLC in the year going by the last two games and that ends up being $60 so this seems totally pointless.

They may of course push out more DLC, probably with even less content.
Posted 10:00pm 15/9/11
The sad thing is how many little console noobs will be all over this s*** with their parent's money.
Posted 10:06pm 15/9/11
So sick of the AUD rip off.
Posted 10:07pm 15/9/11
What part of the pricing makes any sense? this should be illegal.

The first part of this reply makes sense. The second part doesn't.
Posted 10:19pm 15/9/11
If only there was a way to not buy it!
Posted 10:22pm 15/9/11
If only there was a way to not buy it!

Posted 10:48pm 15/9/11
its ok. d3 will save ua
Posted 10:55pm 15/9/11
if only diablo 3 was coming out this year :(
Posted 11:27pm 15/9/11
black ops was the last straw for me for cod, it really shoulda been mw2 but damn dedi servers for black ops lured me back till i found out it was basically mw .. but way s******.
Posted 01:04am 16/9/11
Gee I wonder if the players with an EXCLUSIVE in-game Emblem will get payed out.

trog "If only there was a way to not buy it!"

Posted 01:17am 16/9/11
If only there was a way to not buy it!
You just won 1x GoW3 shirt for that comment. Stay tuned to find out how you can win the rest of them!
Posted 06:56am 16/9/11
If only there was a way to not buy it!

If there is a will there is a way.
Posted 07:24am 16/9/11
My plan is not to click Buy Now! I'll see how that goes, radical I know.
Posted 08:26am 16/9/11
Why would you buy mw3 anyway. BF3 will save us.
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