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Post by trog @ 03:30pm 14/09/11 | 8 Comments
G4TV have first word fresh from the Sony press conference at the Tokyo Game Show - Sony's upcoming PS Vita handheld console will debut in Japan on December 17th this year with a RRP of around AUD$240.

Additionally we see on the Twitter of @lauralovescake that Square Enix have announced a version of Final Fantasy X for the PS Vita.

Stand by for more!

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Posted 03:40pm 14/9/11
FF X Remake

f*** yes!

Final Fantasy X for the PS Vita.

Posted 03:45pm 14/9/11
I'm guessing it'll be $349.99 with the nicest beaches tax applied.
Posted 05:59pm 14/9/11
Couldn't really care less about Final Fantasy X. I've tried to play it like 2 or 3 times, and I can't get more than a couple hours in, because I think the first 2 hours has about 15 minutes of actual gameplay.
Posted 06:18pm 14/9/11
yay just read it's coming to ps3 as well
Posted 11:48pm 14/9/11
f*** final fantasy X remake, Let's just get a FF7 remake going with todays graphics, (yes I know there was on on the psp sorta, But it was gay)
Posted 11:55pm 14/9/11
FFX was the first final fantasy game that I actually got into, and made me enjoy the series. I even finished it. Mind you I did the last 2 or 3 hours as max level since I EXP farmed the monster arena tonberry king or whatever his name is, the one with the massive EXP ability. Square need to stop tap dancing around the franchise and re-re-releasing EVERYTHING except the game fans want the most. Now for me I never got into #7. I tried multiple times and as soon as I leave the city I get utterly lost and find up quitting every time.

Still waiting on another real entry to the Mana series square... none of this stupid RTS or dungeon crawler stuff. I have been since you never let Legend of Mana grace australia and was forced to obtain it through a friend who visted Hong Kong a lot for work.
Posted 03:45am 15/9/11
Bring back Breath of Fire, that is all.
I know it's not a square game but every time talk comes up of FF7 and s*** I think about it. through pretty much all of 97 and 98 all I did was play ff and bof.


Edit* - Midgar is like the first level DM (albeit a f*****g long one), The game only truly kicks off after you leave.
Posted 07:49am 15/9/11
. I tried multiple times and as soon as I leave the city I get utterly lost and find up quitting every time.
I know this was released at a time when videogamers had different problemsolving skills, but it was customary back then to just "visit" places and talk to people to get hints on where to go.

In other words, you go to the first town, realise it's not there, go to the next chocobo ranch where you learn you can get a chocobo, then find you can't get through the sand area because it's got that snake which is too hard to kill. Instead go get a chocobo and run across the sand using the chocobo to outrun the sand monster.

Then you follow through the cave where you know you're going the right way because a cut-scene happens with the Turks. Then you go to fort condor at the other side, and you can stick around for a mini game. Then you go to the port town (which looks like a giant gun) and get on a boat after some other playing around pretend-soldier style or something iirc.

It's really not that hard, it's like reading a book and then being angry that they keep trying to describe the scenery to give depth to the world. FFX was made for pure linear running around, where as 7 was open world in essence, but actually still exactly linear. But you could just walk around some points if you wanted.

In other news: FFX looks beautiful in 1080p using PCSX2. Just need to make an ISO out of your game disc and a bios from your PS2 by extracting it. A little effort but once you get your bios you can play all your old games in superior quality. Then just use your PS3 gamepad or xbox360 controller to play the game. Else you can buy a 10 dollar converter from PS2 to USB.

edit: my recording of the intro is stuttery.. but what can you do, recording at 1080p while playing the game which is heavy CPU usage lol. And for some reason fraps doesn't like GSDX the video plugin. The game plays flawlessly pretty much. My sandy bridge cpu runs the game at a max of over 120-180fps when frame limiting is off, of course this is helpful for grinding, as the game plays literally 2-3 times faster.
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