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Post by trog @ 09:36am 14/09/11 | 5 Comments
EA are offering 50% discounts on pretty much everything across their whole Origin digital retail system (excluding pre-orders, sorry - so if you were looking for a cheap Battlefield 3 you'll have to wait a bit longer). While the listed RRPs for some of the games are still probably on the high side, after the discount everything looks fairly palatable - Dead Space 2 for $19.99, Bad Company 2 for $9.99, Mass Effect 2 Digital Deluxe Edition for $9.99 - the list goes on.

Head over to their Asia Pacific store homepage to check out what is on offer. Is this offer tempting enough for you to get locked into another digital distribution platform? Or will you stick with Steam?


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Posted 10:00am 14/9/11
Only EA games. Woopty do.
Posted 11:04am 14/9/11
Tempting to get Dead Space 2 and ME1 & 2, but.. steam is superiorrorororor
Posted 08:39pm 14/9/11
On EA's special Australian prices I note..... no thanks. I think I shall see what their EU and US offerings look like
Posted 03:56pm 15/9/11
Not a lot there worth getting it seems. ME2 is a steal if you have not already got it.
Posted 04:21pm 15/9/11
its not that cheap... steam sales have been cheaper
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