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Post by trog @ 09:18am 13/09/11 | 11 Comments
Some enterprising users are collating all data about how to mod the recently released Dead Island to fix some commonly complained about issues like FOV and mouse sensitivity; it is all available in this post on the Steam forums.

There was some concern raised about this possibly triggering a VAC ban, but Steam Support have settled the issue with a Twittering clearly stating that modding your Dead Island setup won't get you banned.

dead island
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Latest Comments
Posted 10:15am 13/9/11
Excellent news! Can't wait for some epic mods.
Posted 10:19am 13/9/11
Oh kick f*****g ass. Dark skies mod with thunder is awesome looking. Together with the Reduce Fog mod and it just looks even better. Thanks for the post trog. I bloody love this game. 30 hours in so far according to steam and only 40% of the way through.
Posted 11:13am 13/9/11
Nice, I found this post last night while looking for ways to fix my fov and also made my mouse wheel change weapons, added AA and disabled SSAO. win. game runs like butter.
The GuVna
Posted 11:26am 13/9/11
using number keys to switch weapons

But there isn't a link after it, anyone done that yet? If so link / post on how would be greatly appreciated.

As using a "weapon wheel" selector & "next weapon" key darkens my soul...
Posted 01:44pm 13/9/11
Nice was hoping this would happen, PC version sure needs some mod love.
Posted 04:04pm 13/9/11
There is also a config tool up similar to the one used for Brink and Borderlands
steam thread here - http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2114535

Edit* - haha, I also found this gem on the forums
The accents are like Fosters beer, None one in Australia has ever heard/drunk them but everyone recognises it as ours.
Posted 11:32pm 13/9/11
GOLD post Enska!

Back to OP tho... I hope that the dev company spots some of the changes ppl are making and take notes...

whilst it's a PC game... on PC it play's markedly better with a gamepad :\
Posted 01:10am 14/9/11
yea iv been playing this game with a ps3 controller on pc because its better to play with. I did encounter a bug early today where i rammed a zombie i had to kill THROUGH a garage door taking tht truck to turn into a tank. pissed me off cause i had to restart tht mission back at the lifeguard tower. other than tht and some graphical bugs this game has been smooth sailing for me
Posted 07:35am 14/9/11
I wonder how the lead designer feels about his game when people bang up quick mods that PC'ify the game and is highly popular. Basically saying that the designer was WRONG with the PC approach. Do they cry or learn?

edit: Also Floating main menu WTF?
Reverend Evil
Posted 08:53am 14/9/11
I reckon the developers should have held off another month and fixed everything. But I reckon they were too worried about the better games coming out next month so they released what they had and are prolly using this money to fix s*** up.
Posted 09:14am 14/9/11
They might not have had a choice, usually its the publisher who sets the release date, its only really companies like Valve or Blizzard who get to say "F*** you, we'll release it when its ready".
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