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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:34pm 09/09/11 | 7 Comments
Just after GamesCom, AusGamers was invited out to an EA Sports Showcase at their London, Ingaland office, to get a look at a handful of new games gracing the EA Sports release manifest, the most engaging of which, in my humble opinion, was NBA Jam On Fire Edition.

Now, for those thinking this is just a cheap rehash of a game already released, there's actually a lot more to it this time around, and On Fire Edition is also a digital-only release, so no unnecessary retail disc copies on sale here.

Major overhauls to AI, offensive manoeuvres, team-tactics and more make this a solid look-in for anyone keen on the arcade name of NBA Jam or basketball games in general.

Click here for our full hands-on preview.

hands-onausgamerspreviewnba jam on fire edition

Latest Comments
Posted 04:38pm 09/9/11
not such a fan of the more realistic style blown up faces :/

looks pretty gay
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:47pm 09/9/11
Sc00bs, you just apply big head mode and it goes back to classic arcade look
Posted 04:55pm 09/9/11
Reminds me of when the original NBA Jam series went 3D. That one flopped. :-P
Posted 01:13am 10/9/11
Posted 04:20pm 10/9/11
Worth buying if you already own the first version? I thought the other one was pretty repetitive and lacked depth unfortunately.
Posted 01:08pm 24/9/11
On Fire Edition should be available as a patch for the people who have already generously purchased the old version.
For a reduced price of course.
It's only fair.
Posted 06:42pm 07/10/11
Tried finding it on PSN Australia just then. Can't find it anywhere. Anyone else having this problem?
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