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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:43am 08/09/11 | 12 Comments
Another World, the PC cult classic from designer, Eric Chahi, celebrates its 20th Anniversary this year, and what better way to celebrate this than by releasing across iOS platforms? (Actually, there are heaps, but we won't get into that just yet).

BulkyPix has announced they'll be bringing a specially redesigned version of the game to iPhone and iPad later this month (September 22) which will include new features such as:
  • Remastered presentation with both original and upgraded graphics which support the high definition iPad format and the iPhone 4's Retina Display
  • Switch between Original/HD graphics by using 2 fingers at any time
  • 2 game controls, New intuitive touch controls or classic D-pad
  • 3 difficulty modes, Normal (easier than original game), Difficult (Equal to original game) and Hardcore (more difficult than original game)
  • Sound and SFX 100% remastered
  • Game Center with 13 achievements to unlock
  • 5 languages support (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish)
The game will set you back around $4.99 upon release later this month. We have a few screens of the remastered version you can check out by clicking the thumbnails below. Now all that's needed is to see it hit Steam, XBLA, PSN and hell, even 3DS would be sweet.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:54pm 08/9/11
This game was so awesome. Remember playing through it a couple times and I still have the original box somewhere. One of the games I could never part with.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:56pm 08/9/11
the first time I saw this was in a D*** Smith or something - they were using it to show off the latest PC gaming rig and "surround sound", it was f*****g rad and never left my imagination after that (because it was so alien and surreal).

I'd love to play this on Steam or XBLA
Posted 02:18pm 08/9/11
It was also ridiculously hard but the sense of achievement was also very high.
Posted 03:01pm 08/9/11
Can't wait to get this for iPhone...
Posted 03:15pm 08/9/11
This game was awesome, the world, the art style, the music (and how it was used so sparingly to great effect), and the very cool cinematic intro all just sucked me in. Very cool gameplay too, it was really varied and always switching things up, with lots of different puzzle type situations to solve.

I remember playing Flashback not long after I played this too, does that mean its Flashback's 20th anniversary soon too?
Posted 03:49pm 08/9/11
starting to feel old
Posted 04:08pm 08/9/11
I played this on my amiga 500!
The GuVna
Posted 04:21pm 08/9/11
After 20 years it's still one up there with its cinematography quality. & it's gameplay was so simple but effective (ok you could exploit the jump & move faster but still...) The gun fights were awesome, & the bit in the arena where you had to go nuts with button pressing was hilarious :)
The GuVna
Posted 04:26pm 08/9/11
Also did anyone ever play it's sequel? It only came out on Sega CD, was always pissed about that. (since this thread reminded me, I'm still pissed hehe)

But yea was it any good? As I think you play the Alien this time round.

Posted 02:59am 09/9/11
Slamma's feeling old, but I guess this makes me feel young.
I remember my old aimga and the younger 4-8-6 that came after it, but I have absolutely zero recollection of this game. I suppose i missed out, gathering what I can from people praising it.
Suppose I'm with Steve, hoping to see this on steam! (boo xbox!) haha
Posted 08:53am 09/9/11
I'd love to play this on Steam or XBLA
Well, there was already a remastered PC version for the 15th anniversary. You can get it on GOG.com

You can also use New RAW with the data files from the original game to play it on modern operating systems and with scaling filters. REminiscence lets you do the same with Flashback.
Posted 09:19am 09/9/11
The sequel looks awesome, wish they would release it on pc.
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