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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 06:09pm 07/09/11 | 9 Comments
One of the biggest issues I, and many others, had with the original Borderlands was that it felt a bit barren.

The game had great controls, an excellent loot and levelling system as well as gameplay that clearly centred around the co-op experience. But everything looked too similar, and the solo experience was a literal interactive translation of the desolate wastes you were exploring. The game lacked life, is what I'm saying.

Thankfully the team at Gearbox know this and are addressing it this time around, as lead concept artist, Scott Kester, explained to AusGamers in an interview.

"One of our biggest points [with] this game is variety and life inside of the world," Kester expressed to us on the topic of more life in Borderlands 2. "There’s a lot more zones that you’re in, in this. There’s the arctic tundra; there’s the more green Scottish Highlands; there’s classic desert in there, because it is Borderlands and we still want it to have that classic feeling.

"But one of the real big points that we’re trying to do though is not just the amount of environments, but the density inside of them -- the life inside of them," he added. "Trying to make them feel lived in; trying to make them feel more active. There’s more things to interact with and the way that the enemies inhabit the world -- there’s sort of a place for them, they’re not just kind of haphazardly placed as much."

The game really is looking peachy and we'll have a full preview coming for you soon (I've been ill, so bear with us), but in the meantime, check out our full video interview (and transcript) with Scott by clicking here.

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Latest Comments
Posted 06:28pm 07/9/11
maaaad, loved Borderlands 1. was epic.
Posted 07:05pm 07/9/11
Must have played 500 hours of Borderlands. Hopefully the sequel can make me do the same.
Posted 07:46pm 07/9/11
Borderlands was one of the most addictive multiplayer games I've played recently, and I even played it on a console! Tried the single player and couldn't last more than 5 minutes without getting s***-bored. MP is where it's at for that game.
Posted 08:21pm 07/9/11
Yes plz.
Posted 08:27pm 07/9/11
By far the worst things about Borderlands was the enviroment, rather lean story and that weapons are obviously generated from a randomised database (which I guess is kind of the point of the game, but weapons ended up being way, way too similar to each other and disposable).

Fixing the first two would go a long way to making it better. Hopefully the PC port isn't completely f*****g terrible this time around too.
Posted 08:46pm 07/9/11
I really dont like the art direction in the 2nd game, it seems like they have just taken the black stroking thing too far and made it too thick so it looks more cartoony but i think it just ends up looking less polished.
Posted 08:52pm 07/9/11
I believe there's a patch incoming for PC players of number 1 tomorrow too, which is pretty damn cool.
Posted 10:06pm 08/9/11
I love the art direction. Cell shading is awesome~!!1`
Posted 07:52pm 09/9/11
I am not keen on cell shading myself but I do have BL1. I am currently playing through it now on PC. I never did get around to finishing it the first time. Lv19-20 at the moment.
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