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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:07pm 06/09/11 | 7 Comments
Siliconera has outed the first DLC release for Deus Ex: Human Revolution (AusGamers Review 9.2/10) called "The Missing Link". This was by no means an easy task though, with the Deus Ex community on the whole discovering a code on the game's main menu, which then lead them to 13311TOWER.COM. Here, on a static image, clicking on the pyramid eye post-it note, prompted a user/pass login and the community went to work on cracking it.

Eventually they were also lead to yet another site which actually contained GPS coordinate for Uluru, Australia. The username and password log-in also gave them an image of Adam Jensen apparently unconscious in some sort of sarcophagus with the words "What is the Missing Link"? sprawled in front of him.

Finally, it turns out after all of this, a community member accidentally stumbled upon an RSS feed outlining what is definitely DLC called "The Missing Link" that read: "The Deus Ex: Human Revolution conspiracy grows deeper in The Missing Link. During lead character Adam Jensen’s quest for the truth in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, he mysteriously vanishes for three days. Where was he? What did he find out? The Missing Link reveals it all."

After this discovery, producer David Anfossi also revealed that the content sees Jensen aboard a freighter and missing his augmentations. He's also being tortured by his captors and will need to replace his abilities and explore new environments in order to survive.

The team have now officially announced the DLC, which is due to arrive in October.

deus ex: human revolutiondlcaustralia
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Latest Comments
Posted 02:12pm 06/9/11
will need to replace his abilities
Posted 02:35pm 06/9/11
Yay, I get to pay money for DLC to slowly fill in the inconclusive story line!
Posted 02:55pm 06/9/11
Er, I'm not sure what game you're playing but the story line (as far as the game being a prequel goes) is pretty conclusive.

(Each of the possible endings being capable of leading to what happens in the original)...

Posted 03:22pm 06/9/11
Yay, I get to pay money for DLC to slowly fill in the inconclusive story line!

Nah. You do get to pay money for some more Deus Ex though, which you would have otherwise never got play. Assuming you enjoyed the game and this DLC is actually good and of a decent length, that sounds like a win to me!
Posted 03:44pm 06/9/11
Yay, I get to pay money for DLC to slowly fill in the inconclusive story line!

While I'm happy to bash DLC for games that were obviously incomplete, charging money for content that clearly should have been included, Deus Ex is not one of those games. It's a solid game on its own. If this DLC is decently priced and good length, I'll get it.
Posted 08:19am 07/9/11
It all will come down to length and price on this for many I believe. So long as I can hash 10 hours outta it, $10 should be a good price point.
Posted 09:03pm 07/9/11
I want :D
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