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Post by trog @ 07:28pm 05/09/11 | 11 Comments
The Australian Law Reform Commission has posted a request for volunteers to be used in focus group testing:
The ALRC is conducting a review of the classification system in Australia. As part of this review, the ALRC will hold community focus groups to test the kind of content that may be permissible in higher level classification categories (MA15+ and above, including the Refused Classification category). This is a pilot project that will test a methodology for possible further assessment panels that might be held to determine community standards with regards to classification categories in the future.
If you are over 18, are willing to "view material which they may find offensive, confronting and disturbing", are willing to travel to Sydney (as Storm points out in the comments, they will cover your airfare) and most of all are willing to put some your own time into helping Australians get better a better classification system, then hit up the application form.

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Posted 07:42pm 05/9/11
Prediction: This is going to be swamped by members of some church / fundie movement.
Posted 08:55pm 05/9/11

when signing up tell them you are christian
Posted 09:40pm 05/9/11
I wouldn't limit this to just those living in Sydney - they will reimburse costs:

A limited number of volunteers will be selected to take part and will be notified by the ALRC no later than 14 October 2011. If you do not hear from the ALRC, you can presume that you have not been selected to participate at this time. Participation in these focus groups is completely voluntary and no fee will be provided. However, the ALRC will cover reasonable costs that participants incur in order to attend the viewings and discussions, including economy airfares, one nights accommodation if necessary due to travel requirements, and taxi fares to and from the airport. Lunch on the day of the focus group will also be provided.
Posted 09:41pm 05/9/11
I wouldn't limit this to just those living in Sydney - they will reimburse costs:
good point, I missed that one - ta
Posted 06:31am 06/9/11
Holy crap, I could get a free visit to Sydney? :O
Reverend Evil
Posted 08:42am 06/9/11
Prediction: This is going to be swamped by members of some church / fundie movement

Yeah, that's what I was thinking while reading what it was about. Seems like a massive waste of money as well. Like for f*** sake, is it that hard to work out how to classify stuff. Put me in charge and I'll do it.
Posted 08:52am 06/9/11
This is going to be tough to get in to

Firstly they are only holding 2 but you've got 1 of 3 days to choose from including a saturday. There's no way I can make a Saturday and that's almost guaranteed to be one of the days to show fairness, so my chances of going are already halved.

So few people are selected, I'm going to have to really think about my app. Wish it was 25wol, then I could bust out a rhyme.

And as far a cross-section of Australians go, It's bad there too: a game playing IT worker living in Sydney :-(
Posted 09:22am 06/9/11
I thought about signing up, but then I realised, I don't really want to have potentially disturbing, messed up s*** inflicted upon me. I mean, they say they'll show content which belongs in RC, I don't want to end up watching scenes from the Human Centipede 2 or something.

If it was purely games, I'd probably be more likely to go.
Posted 10:41am 06/9/11
I'm pretty tempted to apply, nothing much on the internet offends me so i don't think I'll be traumatized by graphic images like khel would. but I'd only be interested in whats banned and what isn't.. not so much what age groups should be able to view that content.
Posted 01:52pm 06/9/11
Don't be lazy, sign up for this. You KNOW the ACL is going to try and flood the process.
Posted 02:03pm 06/9/11
signed up

helping Australians get better a better classification system
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