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Post by Dan @ 11:36am 05/09/11 | 18 Comments
Activision's inaugural tournament event, Call of Duty XP 2011, took place over the weekend in Los Angeles and as a result, we have a swag of new CoD-related media to share.

If you haven't seen it already, the multiplayer gameplay trailer should be your first port of call, watch it embedded below or click here for the HD option.

Once you're done with that, you can catch the full Modern Warfare 3 keynote briefing here:Learn more about the Call of Duty: Elite online service here:Take a look at the limited edition Modern Warfare 3 Xbox 360 console:And if that's still not enough, watch some celebrities you may or may not be familiar with waffle on about a game they probably won't even play:Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is due on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on November 8th 2011.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:25pm 05/9/11
I'll say it again, "Oh look, the same thing". And for emphasis, I'll illustrate it as well:

Posted 12:45pm 05/9/11
waiting for someone else to come in to this thread to tell us it looks the same for the millionth time.

newsflash, we noticed too, no need to continuously point it out :P
Posted 01:33pm 05/9/11
The xbox looks horrible.
Posted 01:45pm 05/9/11
you should see it in a bikini
Cat Scratch
Posted 03:38pm 05/9/11
That Console is a "double bagger" - you need 2 bags over it just in case the first one comes off.
Posted 04:27pm 05/9/11
Strap a porno to its face.
Randy Cambell
Posted 09:01pm 05/9/11
Cut AND Paste!
Posted 10:07pm 05/9/11
Hey guys, it looks like the SAME GAME. LOL!!!!11
Posted 10:14pm 05/9/11
Seriously? They textured "PWN" on the gun? That's pretty lame.

Oh, and it's the same game, etc.
Posted 10:57pm 05/9/11
That screen in the top left corner is from Blops Midda, you could customize your guns with a user created emblem.
there's a myriad of tools running around with pwn and fail on their guns.
Posted 11:33pm 05/9/11
inb4 "it's the same game"

Oh, damn.
Posted 11:36pm 05/9/11
That being said.
It is impossible to fathom the immensity of the f*** that I do not give.
Posted 11:45pm 05/9/11
Oh lmao it's the same game!!! lucky it isn't fun or anything or it'd suck balls rite!!!! I heard BF3 will have good graphics so that instantly makes it good. no. wait. there still hasn't been a good battlefield game.
Posted 11:50am 06/9/11
Modern Warfare 3: Groundhog Day
Posted 12:01pm 06/9/11
Has anyone else noticed that it looks _very_ similar to previous versions?
Posted 12:16pm 06/9/11
I think you have a point RockitMan, I think it does look similar now that I look, if only someone mentioned that earlier.
Posted 02:24pm 06/9/11
I don't see any problem with it being the same game..i'll be getting both MW3 and BF3.

Maybe we shouldn't have any discussions about sports.

same game every time!
Posted 02:29pm 06/9/11
Sports make changes with technological advancements, it just happens over many more years than competitive videogaming because the tech advancements aren't as fundamental to their very existence.
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