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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 06:39pm 02/09/11 | 3 Comments
It's been hectic year for features, interviews, previews, junkets and more on AusGamers. Locally, we've actually travelled more than any other publication, having actually hit all the major gaming events in a year (with the exception of PAX), as well as been given access to various studio visits, off-site developer events and more.

The end result is a backlog of content, a lot of which you may have missed as it was pushed down in the pile under the weight of the next major content update, so we've decided to put together a small list of just what we've covered in the year, for the Q3 and Q4 and 2012 game releases we're all biting our nails in anticipation for.

So utilise the weekend to catch-up on some great coverage for any of the games below, as pieced together by AusGamers.

Oh, and Happy Father's Day Dads :)So there you have a heady list of the content we've produced in the year so far, but it's not over. We have a manifest of other games to produce coverage for, as well as our trek to Japan for the Tokyo Game Show and few other junkets in the pipeline with equally compelling access to Triple A titles, so as always, be sure to stay tuned to AusGamers for all your gaming needs now and into the future.

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Posted 08:45pm 02/9/11
Good stuff guys thanks - keep it up! :)
Posted 10:21pm 02/9/11
Awesome avatar jcon. Anyways, thanks for the compiled reviews! You guys are awesome.
Posted 08:58am 04/9/11
This sort of thing is good =)
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