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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:29pm 02/09/11 | 18 Comments
In an interview we've posted today with The Secret World Creative Director, Ragnar Tørnquist, we broached the topic of servers for the APAC region for their forthcoming, genre-shaking, MMORPG set in the modern day.

"I mean I definitely would like to," Tørnquist told us in regards to localised servers.

"We definitely want to support our Australian gamers. I can’t answer a lot about, like, server locations and stuff like that, but it’s really important for us that this game is a global game, and that access to the game is as convenient for everybody as possible."

"And you’re right, it’s a huge region that really is crying out for a lot more local servers," he added. "I mean there are a lot of gamers in both Australia and New Zealand of course; Singapore and Philippines and those areas as well that really want to play on servers that are a bit closer to home than North America or Europe. So, that’s something that we’re definitely going to be talking about and looking more into."

The rest of our interview covers the game's approach to player progression, the removal of levels and classes, and how PvE and PvP works on the whole.

Click here for the full video interview and transcript feature.

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Latest Comments
Posted 03:36pm 02/9/11
I would love an MMO to come out that had even a single server based in australia. After nearly 7 years blizzard have made enough money to run a small country for awhile and somehow it's still too expensive for them and they don't feel the need. Not that I play WoW anymore mind you but if they wouldn't do it I don't see many other people doing it either.
Posted 03:49pm 02/9/11
I'm pretty excited about this game, I'm praying Funcom don't stuff it up :(
Cat Scratch
Posted 04:19pm 02/9/11
would be ground breaking in terms of others might look into it as well


Talk is cheap and setting up servers [i would imagine] is expensive - until they do set it up, they are like the others where they all would "like to".
Posted 04:22pm 02/9/11
Still, I love what hes saying about how they want the game to be a global game and they want as many people to be able to play it as possible. Maybe EA and Bioware should take a hint?
Posted 05:15pm 02/9/11
Lets hope that one city on the eastern seaboard gets connected to the NBN and an ISP like Iinet jumps on the opportunity. Coupled with a quality Game server company, like perhaps Mammoth (hope the suckup isn't too saccharine), makes the leap into the MMO sphere.
Posted 05:29pm 02/9/11
I'll believe it when I see it.
Posted 05:32pm 02/9/11
Posted 05:38pm 02/9/11
I'll buy it on release if it has local servers just to show my support (plus it looks like an interesting game).
Posted 05:39pm 02/9/11

Posted 08:35pm 02/9/11
Posted 12:29am 03/9/11
Yo, DM.

An MMO already has an Aussie server: Runes of Magic.

Of course, the game itself is meh, but it was worth it just to have 25ms ping...

Until I got bored the next day.
Posted 07:39am 03/9/11
it’s a huge region

Hello servers in South Korea or something, still that is a bit closer.
Reverend Evil
Posted 08:14am 03/9/11
I'll blow everyone on this board if Australia get servers. That's how confident I am that we won't.
Posted 08:20am 03/9/11
Or how gay you are!
Posted 11:28am 03/9/11
Warhammer had servers in AU. It doesn't seem unfeasible.
Posted 01:55pm 03/9/11
Because of Rev's avatar its like Emma Watson is offering to blow everyone. I'm excited.

It also reminded me of this for some reason

Posted 09:05am 04/9/11
Khel that was f*****g awesome.
Posted 03:54pm 06/9/11
i got a beta invitation. dunno if it will be any good or not? havent bothered installing
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