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Post by fade @ 01:14pm 01/09/11 | 8 Comments
Looks like more bad new for the Australian game development industry with word from that Team Bondi is now in administration:
The appointment comes after a tumultuous few months for the studio. It has been battered by reports of poor working conditions, along with criticism from former employees who were not credited on the company’s blockbuster title LA Noire.

According to documents filed with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, Riad Tayeh and David Solomons of de Vries Tayeh were appointed as joint administrators of the company on August 30.

It is still unknown whether the appointment of an administrator is related to the rumoured transaction, or whether it will be going ahead at all.
A company search on the ASIC website confirms the details. While it is unexpected that it happened so soon after LA Noire, I can't say anyone should be greatly surprised. promoted/edited forum item

australian game developmentla noireteam bondi
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Latest Comments
Posted 01:23pm 01/9/11
What does this mean for LA Noire DLC? No more coming I guess? :(
Posted 01:30pm 01/9/11
Rockstar may just bring in another developer. I assume that they hold the rights anyway.
Posted 01:34pm 01/9/11
This is brutal

Say what you will about Team Bondi's management and ethics, but this sucks for everyone.
Posted 01:50pm 01/9/11
As the token legal eagle/vampire bottomfeeder I should add that the company search also reveals that the administrators were appointed under s436. Section 436 allows companies to appoint liquidators where it is likely the company is insolvent or will be insolvent in the near future.
Posted 02:38pm 01/9/11
Jesus christ, this industry is dying bloody fast in Australia. Guess I'm off to be a sparky or a plumber.
Burning Fish
Posted 03:42pm 01/9/11
So what about the PC-version? They're way too quiet about that. I just hope it's still on track.
Posted 03:53pm 01/9/11
Say what you will about Team Bondi's management and ethics, but this sucks for everyone.

I feel bad for the people working there who were just caught in the crossfire and lost their jobs, but honestly, if even half the stories I've heard and read about Team Bondi are true, then the Australian games industry is probably better off without them.
Posted 06:48pm 01/9/11
Its a shame, studios in Eastern Europe are popping up and doing very well one of my favorite games uses Aussie tech why cant we do well at home, this is big money that can contribute to the economy :(
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