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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 09:33am 01/09/11 | 4 Comments
After years of being banned, both Dooms 1 and 2 have been de-listed in the usually very strict country of Germany to carry a 16+ rating and actually release at retail, after id Software and Bethsda Softworks successfully appealed the ratings board.

Bethesda also reminded most worried German gamers that they're planning on releasing RAGE in its entirety to the country under a 17+ classification. We certainly have it hard here, but it's stuff like this that reminds you there are others who have it worse.

Seriously, no Doom 1 or 2 for that long? How did they survive...

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:10am 01/9/11
haha i laugh at this and then remember that i live in Australia....
Posted 12:18pm 01/9/11
There'll be plenty of German gamers cracking out their 3200 baud modems to celebrate.
The GuVna
Posted 01:53pm 01/9/11
... unbanned until they find the secret Wolfenstien 3D easter egg level, which has images of Hitler & the Swastika plastered all over it, & you kill Nazi's
Posted 02:03pm 01/9/11
I say they should have banned the latest MOH purely based on the over glorification american heroism.
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