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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 05:19pm 30/08/11 | 3 Comments
As promised, we've put together our video interview feature with BioWare's Mike Gamble - Associate Producer on Mass Effect 3 - replete with full transcript.

We already touched on his comments regarding DLC and end-game decisions from Mass Effect 2, and how they'd carry-over to Mass Effect 3, but our full interview also covers a lot more, including platform differentiation, relationships (and whether Miranda, my girlfriend, would specifically return), weapon customisation and that Tali face reveal thing.

Click here for the full video interview and transcript feature, and the tumbnails below for a batch of new screens fresh from PAX.

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Posted 05:56pm 30/8/11
omg i want this already!
Posted 06:15pm 30/8/11
Can not wait.
Posted 07:49pm 30/8/11
hmm : "For PC, obviously increased resolution on your monitor and things like that" actually sounds pretty shallow... "things like that....", not much there.

I guess something is better than nothing, maybe he just put that "really really" line in there to avoid the backlash of angry PC nerds like what happened with Skyrim when one of their guys brushed the PC off.
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