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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:09pm 30/08/11 | 11 Comments
In a forthcoming interview with AusGamers, BioWare's Mike Gamble, who serves as Associate Producer on Mass Effect 3, revealed that narrative components to the downloadable content that was released for Mass Effect 2 would have a significant carry-on effect in Mass Effect 3 and that the team are currently working on "writing a couple [of] levels" specifically around this.

"The characters that you met in DLC and the changes that might have occurred throughout the DLC, those obviously do move into the main ME3 narrative," he revealed to us. "Certain decisions; certain things did happen in the Mass Effect world. But at the same time, if you did play the DLCs, the choices that you made -- the specific choices in the DLCs that you made -- are basically brought in.

"So there is effect," he added. "And you know, Arrival, Shadow Broker, Overlord; all of those things. We’re actually currently writing a couple of levels where we’re looking at some of those and saying there’s some great opportunities to bring some of this stuff in. So actually yeah, we will."

Also, on the topic of narrative carry-over, we broached the subject of your decision with, or against, the Illusive Man at the end of the second game and how that would work now that you appear to be fighting Cerberus, regardless.

"So without giving away too many spoilers and I don’t want to do that: the decision that you made at the end of Mass Effect 2 will change how the Cerberus confrontation happens. Regardless, Cerberus is still basically aligned against Shepard," Mike revealed.

We'll have the full interview feature up a bit later today with talk about relationships, weapon customisation and Tali's face, so stay tuned.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:14pm 30/8/11
guess i better get the dlc when i replay me2.
Posted 12:30pm 30/8/11
Not sure how I feel about this. Was super happy that they brought Dragon Age Awakening into Dragon Age 2 (heavily!), but that was a proper expansion - the DLCs don't much interest me, and aren't cheap, cynical part of me thinks that this is about sales rather than continuity.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:35pm 30/8/11
I thoroughly enjoyed the DLCs Nerfy, and grew attached to a few of the characters, so am glad this is happening, but yeah, not sure what the process will be for those who haven't played them
Posted 12:56pm 30/8/11
I decided I'm gonna play through 1 and 2 and bring a new save through. My old ME2 one got my favourite people killed on the end mission :(
Posted 06:04pm 30/8/11
Overlord and the Shadow Broker were really good DLC. Arrival I felt pretty "meh" about. But I am glad your decisions from those carry on over to ME3.
Posted 06:07pm 30/8/11
its definitely one of the best stories in a games that i have enjoyed alot
Posted 08:09pm 30/8/11
Part of me wishes he hadn't clicked through to this thread now. Specifically the part that's only an hour or so into ME2 :(
Posted 01:18am 31/8/11
I still don't get why Cerberus would be aligned against shepherd, I mean, surely they aren't on the Reapers' side now.
Posted 02:02am 31/8/11
After a second vote, they've revealed that they're going with a redhead version of the previous blonde shepard. Looks too much like a teenager imo.

Posted 02:03am 31/8/11
Blonde one looked better imo
Posted 08:21am 31/8/11
my femshep is a redhead so i love it.

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