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Post by Dan @ 02:28pm 29/08/11 | 11 Comments
Things have been pretty quiet on the XCOM front since E3, with very little new info about the game surfacing for quite some time. Today however, you can now get one big taste in the form of a new gameplay trailer.

This latest clip is a recording of the gameplay demo that was shown to press during the E3 expo back in June, narrated by 2K Marin Narrative Director Jordan Thomas. This is not your father's XCOM as the game differs in several significant ways from previous titles in the franchise, so check out this extensive gameplay video embedded below (or here in HD) and draw your own conclusions.

XCOM is due on March 9th 2012 for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

xcom2k marin2k gamestrailer

Latest Comments
Posted 03:44pm 29/8/11
looks ok. i never played xcom so i don't get all the hate towards this.
Posted 04:26pm 29/8/11
Because it is FPS. Xcom series were always turn based isometric tactical shooters with an excellent and deep enough strategy layer thrown over the top. Xcom fans want more of that, hence the hate I think.

This is 'just another fps' it seems.
Posted 04:30pm 29/8/11
Dan: im really not liking the fact you cant skip through videos until it is fully buffed. Is this an option or something in that player you guys are using?
Posted 04:31pm 29/8/11
The original XCOM games were pretty awesome turn-based tactical shooters.

I'm quietly optimistic about this game. The hate is probably undeserved, but if you call your game XCOM you gotta do something extraordinary to live up to that name.
Posted 04:33pm 29/8/11
I think most of the hate stems from the fact that XCom was originally (at least for the first three games) a top down, turned based strategy game where you controlled a team of dudes hunting and killing aliens. And this isn't. Kinda like why everyone hated on Fallout 3 when it was shown off.
Posted 04:37pm 29/8/11
Dan: im really not liking the fact you cant skip through videos until it is fully buffed. Is this an option or something in that player you guys are using?
It's just an issue with the current method we have for embed code in posts (and something I've wanted fixed for ages). if you click through to the HD version, you'll notice that you can skip through that one just fine.
Posted 05:07pm 29/8/11
And I still think Fallout 3 sucked and was a crappy addition to fallout. Fallout: New Vegas on the other hand, that brought the name back from oblivion (get itlollolol).
Posted 05:08pm 29/8/11
cant you just start a youtube channel and use youtube to embed?
Posted 12:03am 30/8/11
i grew up playing xcom, to this day games still havent reached its lvl it was so far ahead of itself.

but this game looks like they took a leaf form the brother in arms squad play. if its gonna be fps this looks like a good way to handle it.
Posted 02:31am 30/8/11
I loved the original X-Com Games (UFO and TFTD) and whilst I'm not going to hate on this, it will likely be far more linear.

Jagged Alliance 2 will, for some time to come, still be the culmination of that turn based strat game for me.
Posted 06:59pm 30/8/11
Well that video was slow and boring, but did show a more interesting game than what i thought it would be... Will wait for reviews.
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