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Post by Dan @ 02:04pm 27/08/11 | 28 Comments
As the 2011 PAX Prime event kicks off in Seattle, Valve Software have released the first official trailer and screenshots for their CS revamp, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Hands-on opportunities with the game are on offer at PAX and Kotaku's report (via Eurogamer) confirms that the PlayStation 3 version of the game, in addition to offering cross-platform play with the PC/Mac via Steam, will also support USB Keyboard and Mouse input, giving console players the option of playing the first person shooter in the manner that our lord intended.

Unfortunately it's looking like Xbox 360 owners will remain fenced out, but let's hope this marks the start of a new trend and encourages Microsoft to fall in line. PS3 owners will reportedly also be able to use the Move motion controller as well as the regular Dual-shock/sixaxis pad.

Additionally, there's also a little clarification on the game's dedicated server situation (and it all sounds good to us!):
For the new game, Valve will host its own servers. Fans can still host theirs and tweak the game, but Valve wants all of the players to be able to rely on having access to a consistent experience. On the Valve servers. CS: Go will play the way described here. And only on the Valve servers for PC and Mac—or on the console versions for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3—will players be matchmade based on skill. Valve is using a system called ELO and will prioritize that skill ranking when matchmaking in the Competitive mode. It will prioritize your friends list when matchmaking for Casual.
Watch the debut teaser trailer below (or click here for HD) and stop by our game page for the first official screenshots.

counter-strike global offensivecounter-strikevalve softwarevalvetrailer
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Latest Comments
Posted 02:32pm 27/8/11
rofl bad luck xbox

I shall enjoy playing this on 46" LED and headset
Posted 02:32pm 27/8/11
XIM3 for 360 is your friend.

Except if i was to play i doubt it'd be on the 360 anyway.
Posted 02:34pm 27/8/11
KB/Mouse on a console, nice & about f*****g time.
Posted 04:07pm 27/8/11
er, if you need to get a keyboard and mouse, wouldn't getting a PC be better?? I mean HDMI is HDMI, it works regardless, thats the point
Posted 04:27pm 27/8/11
F*** nice. This is good news. Scrub nubs and going to gets their arses handed to them

I think this will attract a lot of competitive PC gamers just so they can finally f*** console gamers up IN GAME
Posted 04:44pm 27/8/11
er, if you need to get a keyboard and mouse, wouldn't getting a PC be better??
Well you can now pick up a PS3 for under $300 since the recent price drop.
Posted 05:34pm 27/8/11
Haha now we get to show the consoles how to FPS.
Posted 05:49pm 27/8/11
So, will there be hats?
Posted 05:54pm 27/8/11
Do you think your ego would be able to handle having your ass kicked by a console player though? Not that I'm defending FPS played on a pad cos I think its dumb too and would much rather have a kb/mouse combo myself, but theres some really, REALLY good players out there who can play FPS on a pad really well, I think theres going to be a lot of salty PC gamers out there on the receiving end of those guys' slaw.
Posted 05:57pm 27/8/11
PC master race vs Console scrubs :)
Posted 07:04pm 27/8/11
i wonder if the consolers will get some sort of auto aim to help em out.
Posted 07:28pm 27/8/11
Well you can now pick up a PS3 for under $300 since the recent price drop.

I guess that is a cheap way for apple users to get into gaming :P
Posted 08:41pm 27/8/11
will pc and ps3 be cross platforming?
Posted 08:44pm 27/8/11
Yes. xbox users get left out of cross platform.
Posted 08:51pm 27/8/11
I love Valve. They really know how to just keep doing things right!

Though, CSGO looks very much just like CSS.
Posted 01:29am 28/8/11
The REAL question is will we be able to play all the custom games that came out in 1.6 and source?

No gun-game, no sale.

No deathmatch, no sale.

No RPG servers, no sale.
Posted 02:03am 28/8/11
^^ From the article:
Fans can still host theirs and tweak the game

So probably yes.
Posted 11:48am 28/8/11
csgo looks like s*** css > csgo, shows how much game developers are going consoles over pc.
Posted 05:57pm 28/8/11
Finally. I bought a mouse and keyboard specifically to use on FPSs on PS3, only to find out not a single game supported it, even though the PS3 does natively. Not a fan of the consolified radial menus in the trailer though.
Posted 06:17pm 28/8/11
KB/Mouse on a console, nice & about f*****g time.

What's the f*****g point honestly, consoles are games where you play on your couch with your feet up most of the time. If you want to use a keyboard you need a table / something to rest it on + room for a mouse why not just use your PC. Because lets face it if you're using a ps3 with kb / mouse you're just using a s***** to play the same game.
Posted 06:22pm 28/8/11
I used a s***** to play a game once :/
Posted 06:28pm 28/8/11
Whole bunch of rehashed levels?
Posted 06:45pm 28/8/11
Raider there are many reasons someone might want to do it. For instance, what if your friends had it on PS3 and you still wanted to play against them but using a kb/mouse? What if they have a ps3 but not a pc gaming rig? A keyboard and mouse is much cheaper than a full pc. Just because YOU do things a certain way doesn't mean everyone else does or should.
Posted 07:07pm 28/8/11
Whole bunch of rehashed levels?

That's how they have done it since 99', though I think there will be a few new ones.
Posted 03:28am 29/8/11
iron sights yet? if there is one thing that cs needs to get its that.
tbh i dont mind the rehashed lvls, if it aint broke dont fix it.
Posted 07:22am 29/8/11
Lulz iron sights, go play CoD or battlefield.
Posted 08:10am 29/8/11
man i tried to play cs the other week after playing cod for a few years now

Posted 08:11am 29/8/11
iron sights are for teh noobs lulz.

Posted 09:16am 29/8/11
funny part is it will probably cost not much more than DLC from CoD.
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