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Post by Dan @ 03:07pm 26/08/11 | 18 Comments
Bethesda and id Software have released another extended gameplay trailer from their upcoming post-apocalyptic shooter RAGE, showing off more lush visuals in the id tech 5 engine.

Today's clip is titled "Gearheads Vault" and takes a 4 minute stroll around an urban section of the game. Watch the video below or click here for the HD option.

RAGE is due on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on October 6th 2011. For more details, check out our recent interviews with id Software's Tim Willits and Todd Hollenshead.

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Latest Comments
Posted 03:28pm 26/8/11
I'm still hoping this is a sick ass game, the textures and lvl design looks pro, and the whole look, but damn if the game-play looks 10years old.I remember seeing some footage from CES I think and the NPCs seemed to move allot more fluid and intelligently, the AI looked like it had, well AI.

Interactive tech demo, or game of the year, time will tell.
Posted 04:25pm 26/8/11
Don't think I will watch anymore trailors, spoil the surprises, it's starting to look really good now, has made my must play list, I just hope it makes it to the must play to the end list.
Posted 04:27pm 26/8/11
^ I'm with you mate. I'm so looking forward to this game I don't wanna spoil anything.
Posted 04:46pm 26/8/11
This game looks and more than likely will be s***.
Posted 05:43pm 26/8/11
agree it looks s*** - doh :(
Posted 05:49pm 26/8/11
I like the gun sounds. Very satisfying.
Posted 08:03pm 26/8/11
Hrmm, yeah, does look rather s***

I like the gun sounds. Very satisfying.

No way, the sound and the animation on that flamethrower at the end was awful
Posted 09:35pm 26/8/11
looks scripted as all f***... same old ID s***... when player is at position x have npc do y ... uurrrghhh so lame...

even the mouth animations arn't even great.. you think stuff like that would be smooth as f*** by now...
Posted 09:56pm 26/8/11
I don't think it looks s***, but it certainly doesn't look unique or original. I'll probably get it when it's on special or something.
Posted 10:04pm 26/8/11
if this looks like s***, i want to know what awesome games are you guys playing.
Posted 11:20pm 26/8/11
Well it doesn't graphically look like s***, just the gameplay doesn't look particularly interesting or fun.
Posted 12:33am 27/8/11
I agree, the graphics are pretty, but the game mechanics are the same, if not inferior, to 2004 games such as HL2
Posted 02:25am 27/8/11
Hmm this is not going to be great at all imo from all the various videos I've seen.

The graphics look nice at distance but if you look closely in the videos you will see the textures are actually quite bad (well on the console at least). If you look at the car in the video above when he is close to it, looks really low detailed texture.

The AI seem pretty dumb from mostr of the videos and yeh its very very scripted.
Posted 02:47am 27/8/11
Up until now the videos have slowly made me want this game more and more, but this video just gives me the impression that the whole game will be more of the same SP gameplay-wise :\ Not a release day purchase for me anymore!
Posted 03:02pm 27/8/11
Anyone else notice the voice actor for major red is the same guy that voices Roy Campbell in the MGS series?
Posted 04:19pm 27/8/11
YEP! ^
Posted 07:27pm 27/8/11
Why would they release a video of a s***tily generic fetch quest?
Posted 09:21pm 27/8/11
Preordered anarchy edition @ JB.
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