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Post by trog @ 09:38am 26/08/11 | 16 Comments
More good news for retro gaming today with the announcement from Good Old Games that the classics Wing Commander and Wing Commander 2 from Origin are now available for purchase - as always, DRM free and at the awesome cost of USD$6.99.

I became obsessed with Wing Commander many moons ago after seeing a screenshot in an American magazine - Computer Shopper - of what was, for the time, phenomenally realistic VGA graphics in a space combat sim. I was so enamored with it I actually cut it out and stuck it on one of my school folders, where I looked longingly at it every day until I finally managed to get the game in Australia - about a year later. I still have the picture somewhere. Fond memories!

Check it out over on now - our game page has some more information.

Also, Dungeon Keeper 2 is now available.

wing commanderorigingog.comdungeon keeper 2

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Posted 09:48am 26/8/11
DK2. Good memories.
Posted 09:52am 26/8/11
Hm, 26MB. Bugger, that means no speech pack. Edit: Or Secret Missions 1&2, or Special Operations 1&2... which is where the storyline really comes in.

Wonder if it can be retrofitted in to it :D
Posted 09:55am 26/8/11
GOG's been on a roll lately going through EA and Activision back catalogues from all the acquisitions they've made over the years. I couldn't resist the HoMM series on sale recently and all of the later Zork games are up now (Return to Zork, Nemesis & Grand Inquisitor)

Looks like the release of WC1+2 and Dungeon Keeper 2 are the first pair in a series of 8 EA classics.
Such an awesome way to kick off!

Speculation? I reckon it's very likely that System Shock and Bioforge will make an appearance.
Posted 09:58am 26/8/11
I'm betting Syndicate
Posted 10:02am 26/8/11
oh wow ... didn't realise they had Rise of the Triad! might have to pick that one up this weekend.
Posted 10:06am 26/8/11
Syndicate was the bomb back in the day.
Posted 12:40pm 26/8/11
I also spy a Rocketeer sticker on your school folder.
Posted 04:04pm 26/8/11
I still got my DK2 cd lying around somewhere. That game was tits. Man, I'd love it if they made a third!
Posted 04:30pm 26/8/11
Posted 05:53pm 26/8/11
Syndicate! yeah that'd be excellent
Posted 11:38pm 01/9/11
They've added Populous, Ultima I+II+III, and Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar. Ultima IV is free too!
Posted 11:58pm 01/9/11
I will void all bodily fluids from my person if they ever release theme hospital.
Posted 09:44am 02/9/11
Heh, I have almost the exact same story as I do in the OP about Populous. Saw a screenshot for it in Computer Shopper, waited about 2 years for it to come out in .au, then finally was able to get a copy of it for my birthday. I spent a LOT of hours in that game. I still dust it off occasionally for a bash.
Posted 11:32am 02/9/11
Strange I wonder what the reasoning is there - I thought if anything it'd be the other way around with Ultima IV at $5.99 and Ultima I-III for free. Maybe IV isn't a great installment perhaps?

No complaints though!
Posted 03:04pm 02/9/11
Looks like they half-arsed fixing up Dungeon Keeper 2. Doesn't work properly with ATI cards and frequently crashes on Windows 7.
Posted 03:12pm 02/9/11
Dk2 was s***, better graphics but way less features than the first one which was godly.
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