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Post by trog @ 09:47am 23/08/11 | 19 Comments
Valve's Dota 2 Championships in Cologne have wrapped up, with a Ukranian team called "Na'vi" taking the USD$1,000,000 grand prize. Pretty impressive haul for playing and winning a competitive game that hasn't even been released yet!

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a Dota expert though and are bummed you missed out on the loot, don't panic - Valve will be holding another tournament next year, though the date and location are still to be decided.

In the meantime, the rest of us will have to make do with screenshots and video; keep an eye on our Dota 2 page for all the latest.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:53am 23/8/11
That is WAY too much prize money for a single e-sport event.
Posted 11:04am 23/8/11
pfft there's a $5million lol tournament.
Posted 11:14am 23/8/11
pr0 gamers - that is my dream one day.
Posted 11:21am 23/8/11
GSL/Starcraft 2 have the future of e-sports sussed, regular tournaments and a fair prize pool amount/distribution that allows a large roster of players to dedicate themselves to e-sports.

It's like the boxing vs UFC comparison. Every now and then there's a boxing card, 2 people make MASSIVE bank and the rest get screwed, lots of the fighters even have side-jobs because they make next to no money. UFC has a different approach, bi-weekly/monthly cards and a fairer pay distribution that allows even the lowest fighter on the roster to fight full-time and earn a decent living.

So yeah, some team earned $1 million and is absolutely balling, not sure what the rest of the players earned but the next tournament is 1 year away, do they all go back to normal jobs?

That's my opinion anyway in relation to e-sports, I wonder how long the NRL or other sports would last if the premiers made massive bank and the rest of the teams got nothing.
Posted 11:32am 23/8/11
So I assume this prize is rolled into the DOTA 2 advertising budget yea?
Posted 11:34am 23/8/11
f*** that would be sweet to win that for a dota2 comp
Posted 12:05pm 23/8/11
Fkn livin' the dream.
Posted 12:32pm 23/8/11
i want to play the beta god dammit!
Posted 12:50pm 23/8/11
shame it's USD =p
Posted 12:57pm 23/8/11
It should be in bitcoins.
Posted 02:09pm 23/8/11
The runner up team won $250,000. Not bad!
Posted 02:54pm 23/8/11
CHUB, each team won a proportional amount of money. 1st prize was $1 million, 2nd was $250,000, 3rd was $150,000, 4th $80,000, 5th $35,000, 6th $35,000, 7th $25,000 and 8th $25,000. So everyone got some good money out of it.
Posted 02:59pm 23/8/11
There was more than 8 teams mind you. 16 in fact. However all the teams are sponsored so I imagine they'd receive some money anyway.
Posted 03:01pm 23/8/11
More than that,

There's so many SC2 comps going on, there's several US based ones, and a few big korean based ones. There's lots of one off's and plenty of money to make on the side by streaming their ladder matches.

They also put on lots of "for fun" games which they get a few dollars for, and podcasters will put on their own cash to make a tourney, hoping to make it back in advertising.

Because the community is big enough worldwide, and the format is now 10's of thousands of spectators paying advertising agencies who want not just to sponsor one off events, but ongoing constant advertising options, there's income to be made if they work hard enough at it.

But mind you e-sports is more than a job. You'll be playing 14 hours a day more or less 6-7 days a week if you want to make an average salary off the thing. The actual events are good cash and allow them to take a bit of a relax between, but it's a tough lifestyle.

Then again with so many wow'ers who used to play 14 hours a day 7 days a week getting GM and raiding top tier, i guess it's more in line with the culture of gamers..
Posted 05:39pm 23/8/11
Posted 07:43pm 23/8/11
Progamers earning a living.. gonna be bigger in the future.

So will the list of failed progamers who have wasted years of their lives and all they have to show for it is posture/shoulder problems :)

last edited by JakeG at 19:43:21 23/Aug/11
Posted 08:36pm 23/8/11
How was there a Dota 2 competition when the game is not available,?
Posted 08:46pm 23/8/11
valve hosted it at gamescom.
Posted 11:27pm 23/8/11
oh completely missed that, it was in Cologne and I was interested myself to see world of waplanes over there but thought its too geeky to go just for that to cologne
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