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Post by Dan @ 02:32pm 22/08/11 | 20 Comments
Speaking with German publication PC Games.de (site is in German, but video interview is in English), when quizzed on the possibility of cross-platform play in the recently announced Counter-strike: Global Offensive, Valve Software's Gabe Newell replied that it is something that they want to do.
That's certainly our goal. We never want to create these islands of players. You have to be sensitive to control differences and make sure you're accommodating that, but our view is players should be able to play as part of a community on whatever device they can. Sometimes there are contractual or other issues that make that hard; where somebody -- a platform holder -- doesn't want you to do that for whatever reason, but that's always our preference; is to let customers play and be part of the larger community.
While it stops short of confirming cross-platform gaming for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, it is at least heartening to know that it is something they want to offer and also stokes our suspicions that it has long been the console manufacturers standing in the way of that option and not the game developers.

Valve's Portal 2 supports cross-platform play between PC, Mac and PS3 users, but the Xbox 360 version remains fenced off from both still. However Portal 2 is a co-operative game, so having a keyboard/mouse player in the same game as a control-pad player isn't a big issue (although, id Software disagree and recently stated that as the reason for no cross-platform co-op play in RAGE).

With consoles having now become the most successful platform for first person shooters, are console manufacturers still worried about the negative impacts of mixing players with different controllers? Surely a three-way solution could still have some servers configured to only allow PS3 players or only allow Xbox 360 players if that was their desire, but c'mon, let those of us that want to play together do so guys!

(Source: Bluesnews:)

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Posted 02:40pm 22/8/11
FPS games have to be dumbed-down to be playable on console, so to make it fair the PC version would have to be a console port without any real ability to aim with your mouse or anything like that. Once you take that out, what's the point?
Sure, you have made millions on a 'successful' game, but your game is a bit boring for real gamers.
Posted 02:46pm 22/8/11
yeah this will suck d*** on pc - if they have to dumb it down to cater for the console users

most games on consoles have some sort of target locking and its so lame.

how will they fix the target locking on consoles and the superior aim of a pc mouse?

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Posted 02:45pm 22/8/11
Ouch, poor console players :(
Posted 02:47pm 22/8/11
I'll be happy to play a "dumbed-down" version of CS to play with my mates who use console. like valve said, it's not replacing 1.6 or source. i wouldn't have a problem if console got the slight auto aim to try and counter the the competition with mouse. kudos to them for actually trying to get it to work.
Posted 02:48pm 22/8/11
Valve aren't total idiots - let's not forget they're one of the only PC developers doing The Right Stuff these days when it comes to PC multiplayer.

I don't think they'll cripple the core PC experience just to make sure console noobs aren't savaged. I personally would like to see this as a server-specific setting so the community can decide after experimenting.

I personally would LOVE to have PC gamers and console players playing on the same server with no alterations in the gameplay experience on either side so it can finally be qualitatively shown that console gamers are no match for PC gamers under any circumstances. However, I'd also like to see console-only servers and maybe even "console vs crippled PC" or something.

Valve have a long strong history of dedicated server control being in the hands of the user. That flexibility is one of the reasons CS was so popular in competitive play so hopefully they'll stay true to their roots here.
Posted 03:08pm 22/8/11
each console version comes with free keyboard and mouse!!

there will probably never been cross platform play on the 360 since microsoft would have to integrate steam with their system, which is something they are totally against last i heard.
Posted 04:07pm 22/8/11
Everything I hear about this game sounds s***.

Hl3 or gtfo.
Posted 04:14pm 22/8/11
why don't they just come out with an 'FPS' controller which is some half arsed lap-mounted keyboard with a mouse thing that snaps back to the center when you let go.
Posted 04:34pm 22/8/11
No way CS would be playable with a controller. It'd change the game entirely. Add in kb/mouse support for PS3 uses 'in game' instead of the XMB only. fixed
Posted 04:51pm 22/8/11
The funny thing is when you talk to console die hards they honestly think playing with a controller is better than keyboard/mouse... so let them have it I say :)
Posted 05:23pm 22/8/11
free kills sounds good to me, counterstrike opponents used to be like that back in the day =P
Posted 05:42pm 22/8/11
No way CS would be playable with a controller. It'd change the game entirely. Add in kb/mouse support for PS3 uses 'in game' instead of the XMB only. fixed

It's already supported, it's just that no game except UT3 has made use of it.

I don't see what the big deal is. They could simply have an option in there to specify whether or not you want to play against PC players on console or vice versa. Problem solved.
Posted 07:49pm 22/8/11
Hl3 or gtfo.
Posted 08:05pm 22/8/11
ahhh.... valves descent into being another money hungry company which abandons the PC
Posted 08:47pm 22/8/11
That's such a baseless statement that it's not even worth retorting.
Posted 08:54pm 22/8/11
Lulz, it couldn't be any further from the truth either, can't wait for your 15th post, sure to be a gem.
Posted 08:55pm 22/8/11
ahhh.... valves descent into being another money hungry company which abandons the PC
Let's see:
Half-Life - PS2 (plus the cancelled Dreamcast port)
Counter-Strike - Xbox
Half-Life 2 - Xbox
The Orange Box - PS3, 360
Left 4 Dead - 360
Left 4 Dead 2 - 360
Portal 2 - PS3, 360

Oh no, they're abandoning the PC by releasing another game on consoles!
Posted 11:51pm 22/8/11
ahhh.... valves descent into being another money hungry company which abandons the PC

lol. f*****g idiot.

Although i do have fears of the new counter strike being consoled down (with stupid s*** like mapping switch weapons and plant bomb to the same key like in BFBC2), i do have strong faith in valve.
Posted 12:20am 23/8/11
Honestly if valve want to release games on consoles this doesn't bother me in the slightest. When Valve makes a game that gets released on consoles, it's always worked back from the PC version. They are about the only company that does this and it shows in how good their stuff is.
Posted 12:39am 23/8/11
When Valve makes a game that gets released on consoles, it's always worked back from the PC version

Yes, it's known that separate/isolated console and PC versions can be good if done properly (i.e. not as a simple port).

However the issue here is bridging the two. Something has to give, for PC and console players to realistically be able to play together.
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