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Post by trog @ 07:46am 20/08/11 | 21 Comments
Gamasutra are reporting that Electronic Arts will be artificially constraining the availability of both digital and retail copies of Star Wars: The Old Republic at launch, a move which seems weird on the surface but it is being done to prevent dramas around the launch caused by too many users:
"We are limiting launch quantities of Star Wars: The Old Republic to ensure players have a smooth and high quality game experience and service at launch," a rep for EA and BioWare told Gamasutra.

"All versions of the game -- physical and digital -- are available for pre-order on a limited basis only. Once they are gone, they are gone," he added.
The report also mentions that sales will simply be cut off once they've reached a certain limit.

No mention is made on what the limits are, so more skeptical people might simply see this as a super-clever marketing move on EA's part to try to increase the number of pre-orders. But if you can't stand not being in the action from day one, you might want to bear this in mind!

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Latest Comments
Posted 09:09am 20/8/11
Put a limit on a product and suddenly it becomes worth more and/or human behaviour means people will buy it now in case they miss out in the future.

Smart marketing tactic.
Posted 10:13am 20/8/11
But if you can't stand not being in the action from day one, you might want to bear this in mind!
You do know that the game won't be available in Australia for months after release? I think if Australians can't bear to be playing it on day one then they have very little recourse.
Posted 11:21am 20/8/11
Soon as I heard about this bs when they first announced pre-order I zoomed to amazon and bought the CE :P fuuuuck you EA
Posted 01:53pm 20/8/11
Haha bought my standard copy on amazon as well. But still, bit bs anyway.
Posted 02:32pm 20/8/11
what the f*** are EA doing?

Is the CEO just bringing up all their projects and going how can we f*** this...

Posted 02:36pm 20/8/11
Jesus this is a stupid idea. Not allowing people to buy a game. C'mon people expect s*** like this to crash. It's all part of the fun
Posted 03:51pm 20/8/11
No physical retail copies for sale here in Australia.

If you use the Origin region page for Australia, TOR is not available for purchase.

So if you want to play a copy of TOR on release you have to buy from overseas.
Posted 04:49pm 20/8/11
I think game companies are just getting more retarded every year...also saw no server browser for BF3 on pc but its there for indeed lol

I just want ToR already tired of EA being the f***wit money grubbers they are
Posted 05:05pm 20/8/11
Put a limit on a product and suddenly it becomes worth more and/or human behaviour means people will buy it now in case they miss out in the future.

Smart marketing tactic.

I don't agree. Not sold in Australia at release means I won't ever buy it.

Plenty of other fish in the sea, just like women.
Posted 06:36pm 20/8/11
Yeah any hassle like this and I'm probably permanently out, just losing interest with being denied, and am far too lazy to find "limited edition" challenges interesting.

Was absolutely gonna buy a copy and jump in too (despite on and off thinking that it looks s***), if only for my love of KotOR. Now, interest waning fast with this apparent corporate bulls***.
Posted 06:42pm 20/8/11
Makes sense to me, lets them deal with scalability rather than the usual MMO crash and burn for the first month.
Posted 07:07pm 20/8/11
Regionalisation and gimmicky marketing ploys...

Even if it is good, it's lost me on principal.
Posted 01:29pm 21/8/11
If it spares us from beta testing the game for them (as early adopters do) then I'm all for it.

It may also just be that time frame needed to sign all the deals for 'Australian' servers that are actually located in Australia.

My 2 bytes worth...
Posted 01:36pm 21/8/11
I think they have a lot of faith in their product. That it's not going to be found out to be s*** in the first month and people will still want to buy it after all the reviews have come out after launch!

Surely they'd rather sell as many copies as they can and make money than possibly lose sooo much more money after release?
Posted 07:17pm 21/8/11
They are probably just trying to save as much money as possible. Why have 10 servers packed to the brim when it first launches and then after a 2-3 months only 1 or 2 are full and the rest are low pop. That's probably what they fear. Its better to have 3-4 servers that are at 85% and not causing problems then to have 5+ that crash often. Save money on infrastructure and see how the game goes after launch.

If the North American and Canadian pop falls too much after launch they will probably let internationals or "Red Zone" countries like AU and NZ player to fill the gap by buying online then retail versions.
Posted 08:03pm 21/8/11
There is no such thing as a smooth mmo launch..its a bloody myth
Posted 09:54pm 21/8/11
There are rumours of them capping it at 500,000 players, and only 50,000 of those players are guaranteed spots.
Posted 06:36am 22/8/11
I pre-ordered the collectors edition from Amazon US. I'm going to play this by hook or by crook, I don't like to be excluded for a half arsed reason.
Posted 10:08pm 22/8/11
With Secret World and Blade and Soul nearing, they might evean miss thier window here in oz.

Star Wars pull will probably be enough, but negative feedback from os would hurt it too.
Posted 08:47am 23/8/11
Secret World looks cool, but it IS a Funcom game, and they don't have the best track record for MMOs, so it definitely doesn't get the benefit of the doubt from me.
Posted 09:18am 23/8/11
Way to have faith in their product & services.
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