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Post by exo @ 09:57pm 15/08/11 | 13 Comments
In an absolutely astounding move announced by its CEO Larry Page, Google has purchased Motorola's consumer handset division, Motorola Mobility.
Given Android’s phenomenal success, we are always looking for new ways to supercharge the Android ecosystem. That is why I am so excited today to announce that we have agreed to acquire Motorola.
Motorola and Google have recently been at-odds in a dispute over Google forcing Motorola to drop the SkyHook location database in favour of their own. While some may say it's an easy way to win a lawsuit, Google makes it very clear as to the true reason for the buy-out.
Motorola has a history of over 80 years of innovation in communications technology and products, and in the development of intellectual property...
They go on to talk about the recent 'anti-competitive' pursuit of a consortium lead by Microsoft and Apple to obtain patents from the sale of Nortel, a consortium which they were offered to be part of only to refuse and go it alone. This is a huge move by Google to cement Android's position in the smartphone marketplace, and I would expect to see trademark and patent lawsuits such as this to be commonplace. promoted forum item


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Posted 10:18pm 15/8/11
Wow...Google really love taking everything. Least they make em good.
Posted 10:20pm 15/8/11
This is good news, but I've always thought that there will be a day when we'll look back on these takeovers (youtube etc...) and realise Google were the bad guys all along.

Sort of like a s***** M. Night Shalalakayaypofafallahn (sic) movie.
Posted 10:30pm 15/8/11
Google will acquire Motorola Mobility for $40.00 per share in cash, or a total of about $12.5 billion, a premium of 63% to the closing price of Motorola Mobility shares on Friday, August 12, 2011.
Posted 10:52pm 15/8/11
This is huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge!@# Wow.
Posted 11:00pm 15/8/11
Motorola, yuck! They pissed off a lot of people with the Motoblur lag-ware on their android phones. i.e. you need to create a fkn motorola account to use your phone for the first time! after that your phone will be lagging like hell from all the motorola widgets and background services (the latter of which you can't turn off without root or custom ROMs).

Here's hoping their s***** end-user attitude improves with Google on the saddle.

Would have been excited if they picked up Samsung instead (they know how to make Android phones well), but that's almost impossible :)

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Posted 10:55pm 15/8/11
Bahahahah...anybody who thinks that this move is to improve the UX of Motorola customers is daft.
Posted 11:00pm 15/8/11
Yeah, you're probably right, I'm sure Google's plan is to use Motorola to continue making crappy phones that piss their customers off. Cos Google hate making money, and have proven that they have absolutely no idea what customers want or how to keep their users happy.
Posted 11:04pm 15/8/11
making all your products as good as they can be isn't the best way to make money.

look at apple.
Posted 12:20am 16/8/11
Apple are slowing innovationg and competition with their blatant patent wars, now its their turn to get the burnt side of the stick.
Posted 12:21am 16/8/11
Battle of the Titans this should be interesting
Posted 12:26am 16/8/11
Didn't see that coming.

Here comes the Android Razor V1337 or something similar!
Posted 08:00am 16/8/11
I'm sure Google's plan is to use Motorola to continue making crappy phones that piss their customers off.

Google bought Motorola for their patent library, that's it.
Posted 11:03am 16/8/11
Google bought Motorola for their patent library, that's it.

Yep... time for apple to sit on it.
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