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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:18am 11/08/11 | 9 Comments
Valve had added a Steam Trading Beta feature into their popular online service, that will allow the trade of in-game items and even Steam gifts.

At the moment the only trading available is for Team Fortress 2 items, but the idea is that you'll be able to trade items for items, gifts for gifts, and then a mixture of the two. Valve are also hoping to get Portal 2 into the beta and are also coaxing third-party publishers into the mix to flesh the service out.

Not a bad idea for active Steam users. More info can be found on Steam's site right here.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:25am 11/8/11
Rename games to gifts.
Posted 10:26am 11/8/11
wait wait... so u can give away your games to other people ? isnt that shooting themselves in the foot?
Posted 10:33am 11/8/11
Unfortunately no, you can't. You can only give away "gifts", not games that you have already downloaded and installed.

Kinda sucks as I have all these games that I don't play that my nephew could play but no dice ;[
Posted 12:27pm 11/8/11
Youuuuuuuuuuuu bastard, I had a thread on this.
Posted 12:42pm 11/8/11
^ the difference between trog and steve cherry picking news markups: trog will mark you up while maintaining reference to your post and possibly edit to his likened style of reading, Steve will probably see your thread and cherry pick it but then just make a new one since his sources are probably more credible to him but he'll make it read like he's worth what he gets paid.
Posted 12:59pm 11/8/11
I can imagine it now. Kids everywhere will be like trading "generic/easy to obtain item A" for pre-orders of CoD MW3 and then "WHY AREN'T YOU ACCEPTING, IT A GOOD DEAL" followed by "THIS SUCKS!!!11!".
Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:00pm 11/8/11
Sorry d^ I didn't see it - I actually saw this on Steam and ran it from there :)
Posted 02:15pm 11/8/11
Apology accepted Steve :)
Posted 03:11pm 11/8/11
Thank god he didn't call you Captain Needa.
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