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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:28am 09/08/11 | 17 Comments
The latest Battleblog has new information regarding Battlefield 3's unlocks, which are apparently abundant enough there will be "years worth".

The post goes into detail regarding Medals, Service Stars and Ribbons for "exemplary skill" which could include capturing a certain amount of bases or keeping vehicles in working order to service your team. And that actually collecting these will be no mean feat.

They also mention that Battlefield 3 will have "more than 10 times the hardware unlocks spread over weapons, weapons attachments, gadgets, and a huge unlock tree for vehicles alone" than Battlefield: Bad Company 2 had.

Click here for the full update.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:09pm 09/8/11
Bring it on.
Posted 12:21pm 09/8/11
What happened to the good old days for playing for the sake of playing :c
Posted 12:32pm 09/8/11
So, punish casual gamers, or gamers who have lives outside of the game. Yay!
Posted 01:15pm 09/8/11
Do they display these stars, ribbons and medal on your character in game on the uniform or is it just like getting achievements?
Posted 01:16pm 09/8/11
holy f*** they just can't make anyone happy.

quit ya f*****g b****ing
Posted 01:41pm 09/8/11
I'm happy with this. Bad company 2 unlocks were ridiculously easy to get and you end up getting everything pretty quick. I was a bit sad when I didn't have anything else to work towards, so I just played the game instead..

Posted 01:58pm 09/8/11
So, punish casual gamers, or gamers who have lives outside of the game. Yay!

Couldn't agree more. What happened to the good old FPS days of CS when everyone had access to the same guns, when everything had the same amount of ammo and health and it was all up to skill if you won or not.
Posted 02:04pm 09/8/11
CS is a different game.
Also as long as the firstly available guns are reasonable and not underpowered it'll be OK. You'll find the rate of unlocks is probably pretty high to begin with and slows down over time, so even casual gamers get a good variety of unlocks rather easily.
Posted 02:38pm 09/8/11
I can kill just as good with iron sights in bc2 as i can with a red dot.
Posted 04:41pm 09/8/11
Sif use the red dot, other things are more useful. :D
Posted 05:44pm 09/8/11
So, punish casual gamers, or gamers who have lives outside of the game. Yay!

Too much content for my money, Noooooooo.
Posted 07:33pm 09/8/11
This is Battlefield not CS or COD.
Posted 09:02pm 09/8/11
BF1942/DC didn't have unlocks and I played that for 2 years :)
Posted 09:26pm 09/8/11
holy f*** they just can't make anyone happy.


I mean, wtf, people are complaining because there is too much content in their game? What next, people are going to start complaining because the graphics look too good?
Posted 10:01pm 09/8/11
I played hours of bf2 trying to get the last of the medals and ribbons. I loved that even after a year you could still reach milestones. I don't know if it was good or not knowing s*** like that i had 50+ hours of riding in a tank.

Purchased the special edition off Origin Store (EA website) for $79 just 2 days ago. If there's an Apache, grappling hook and zip line i'll be happy.

Posted 10:31pm 09/8/11

Its not a matter of amount of content, it the fact they could be unlockables. Not everyone got the time to sit down and burn 30-50 hours on multiplayer to unlock all the content. What if your a casual who only can afford a couple of hours a week?
Posted 01:23am 10/8/11
What if your a casual who only can afford a couple of hours a week?

Then maybe its not the game for you? I wouldn't recommend World of Warcraft, Skyrim, Fallout: New Vegas or Diablo 3 to you either if you only had a couple of hours a week to game. Some games just don't lend themselves well to casual play.

Toll is probably right anyway, I'm sure the first bunch of unlocks will come reasonably quick and give you the tools you need to be competitive, but then if you're one of the people who's in for the long haul, theres plenty more you can unlock as you go.
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