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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:30am 08/08/11 | 4 Comments
AusGamers is home from the Con that is Quake... err Con, and alongside some awesome interviews in the works, a handful of in-depth hands-on previews and a head full of techno-babble from John Carmack, we also have some new media for both Prey 2 and Dishnored, in the way of new screens and few pieces of art.

The Prey 2 demo on-hand was exactly the same one we saw at Bethesda's BFG event, so the only new info to come out of QuakeCon for it is within the following screens, and our forthcoming chat with Human Head co-founder, Chris Rhinehart.

As for Dishonored, we saw a nice chunk of a gameplay demo, sat in on an in-depth Q&A with both Harvey Smith and Raphael Colantonio, then stole them for a one-on-two interview to talk about the game and first-person action development in general. For now though, feast your eyes on the respective screens by clicking either line of thumbnails below.

human headdishonoredprey 2quakeconarkane studiosscreenshots
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Latest Comments
Posted 11:38am 08/8/11
I'm pretty keen for Prey 2. Is there a release date yet?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:48am 08/8/11
Nah Midda, just "2012" at this stage... considering they have this and Dishonored for next year, and I reckon at least one more game up their sleeves (probably waiting to get RAGE out the door), we'll likely see them released all through the second-half of next year.

Remember, they still have MachineGames (ex-Starbreeze) and Mikami's Tango Gameworks who're definitely working on stuff right now.
Posted 11:57am 08/8/11
argh god i hate the ag image backend... whats the point in linking that many thumbs when they all point to the root? we browse in the age of tabs and you guys are stuck back in 00s.

edit: even if the thumbs in the gallery could be opened it would be a massive improvement.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:32pm 08/8/11
It's just broken atm qmass, you used to be able to open the thumbs individually, and we're working on fixing it! But all thumbnail links are to tagged groups relevant to the OP - in this instance "QuakeCon"
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