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Post by trog @ 11:33am 03/08/11 | 13 Comments
AusGamers has always has a bit of a PC bias, stemming from the Good Old Days when we used to run LANs and PC games were king of the hill when it came to multiplayer action. As such, we've always been disappointed when seeing a game that looked and played great on a console thoroughly disemboweled when it came to the PC version.

Ars Technica have a great new article of the most common sins committed by game developers when they port over, looking at things like DRM, an inability to adjust settings or keys, controls optimised for gamepad, and third-party login services (arghhh, Windows Live, really?!).

If you're a PC gamer this is something you should have a read so you're aware of what things to look out for in reviews and feature lists for potentially cool-looking PC games that have a bit more of a console history!

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Posted 11:36am 03/8/11
the most annoying thing is that all those mistakes are blindingly obvious so the developer would have to be full retard to commit any of them
Posted 12:19pm 03/8/11
Nothing worse than a good console game ported to PC poorly, ruining the good game's experience in the process!
Posted 01:10pm 03/8/11
Things like uncustomisable controls or bad FOV or p2p servers only or the good old press "x" to jump/run/crouch/use/melee all make me rage hardcore.
Posted 01:16pm 03/8/11
Helloooooooo Halo.
Posted 01:37pm 03/8/11
This OP is full of LOL considering Ausgamers reviewed Dungeon Siege III on console instead of PC where DS1 and DS2's roots were.

The PC version f*****g sucked and that's what Ausgamers should have focused on, not how well the console port of a PC game was... but how the PC version of the game... the ORIGINAL roots of the game... were left devastated afterwards.
Posted 01:49pm 03/8/11
^ that is a Hunter post.
Posted 02:36pm 03/8/11
We all know how a great console game is ruined on PC, the real question is why developers continue to do this? Is it purely to combat piracy, or do companies just don't think anymore?
Posted 02:45pm 03/8/11
I thought that Oblivion's ported UI was a massive massive killer of the game for me. It had a few other glaring problems as well, but that was maybe the biggest. :/
Posted 02:50pm 03/8/11
thread should be, how to not adjust and accept that some games are going to be made for the console and some are going to be made for the pc WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH :'(
Posted 03:40pm 03/8/11
Link to soldiers getting f***ed by DRM in that article was interesting, never thought about that.

Of course I agree with all the points mad in the OP article. Stuff like that makes the cracking scene more of a public service than an enemy of PC gaming these days.
Posted 03:24pm 03/8/11
I was searching for a skyrim thread to post that in the other day, but I was the last poster, and I hate double posting, so ty. :P It wins at silly.
Posted 03:38pm 03/8/11
Just so we're clear, when you're bored on a plane, and you have your laptop, and you want to play the game you bought in order to fight boredom, Blizzard's official recommendation is that you play someone else's game. That's pride, right there.
Haha. Not sure if this is really relevant though as it's how to ruin a PC game period since Blizzard don't have a strong console history (if one at all?).
Zen Apathy
Posted 04:11pm 03/8/11
Haha. Not sure if this is really relevant though as it's how to ruin a PC game period since Blizzard don't have a strong console history (if one at all?).
Rock 'n' Roll Racing was an early Blizzard game
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