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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:09am 01/08/11 | 2 Comments
Just prior to the most recent SCAG meeting where all states barring NSW agrred on an in-principal decision to introduce an R18+ classification for videogames in Australia, AusGamers decided to chat to the very spanner that stopped a unanimous vote from emerging from the meeting, the ALRC's National Classification Review scheme inquiry.

"Spanner" is definitely a strong word because, by and large, as much as we want an R18+ rating for games now, this review of the country's classification system is sorely needed, and we agree with the work the Australian Law Reform Commision are doing. So we spoke to the commissioner of the Review scheme, Mr Terry Flew for clarification on the process, the history of classification in this country, and where he sees it heading in the future.

Click here for our lengthy interview transcript.

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Posted 04:52pm 04/8/11
Just finished reading. Good work by the interviewer!

It sounds like this stuff is being evaluated by some pretty sensible folk, which is a boon for us.

Also good work promoting the issue, it sounds like you guys had a pretty significant effect on how many people ended up submitting a response.

and just a last little nitpick, thats libelous, not liabless :P
Posted 05:12pm 04/8/11
A one line bullls*** statement from the christian lobby generates pages of replies, a proper interview is tldr and two replies.
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