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Post by trog @ 07:28am 30/07/11 | 15 Comments
After some sharp-eyed types noticed that the Steam page for the upcoming god sim From Dust included the text "3rd-party DRM: Ubisoft Online Service", fears were raised that this would mean it would be using the same irritating DRM system that we just found out Driver: San Francisco would be using.

However, that doesn't appear to be the case - VG247 have apparently heard back from an Ubi source with the following definitive statement: "From Dust will not require a permanent online connection to play in single-player mode". So there's some good news there for gamers.

Check out more on this cool looking title on our game page. Looking forward to it!

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Latest Comments
Posted 08:00am 30/7/11
Posted 07:48am 01/8/11
Just for that, I've gone from a maybe-buy to a definite-buy.

edit: Boughted, woo
Posted 08:17am 01/8/11
i think i will wait until it's on sale. apparently it only lasts a couple of hours.
Posted 03:14pm 01/8/11
It's only 14.99 too! Boughted.
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 04:16pm 01/8/11
I've been playing on the X360 and have been enjoying it so far. It's a pretty cool concept.
Posted 04:33pm 01/8/11
Ubisoft has this customer management business sorted out, it's all about setting low expectations.

Announce all your popular games with onerous DRM and build up some outrage where fans will probably bite the bullet and buy it anyway. Then, announce the risky ones that might not sell as well as being DRM free and wait for the sounds of rejoicing that they haven't screwed customers as hard this time.
Posted 05:52pm 01/8/11
It's only 14.99 too! Boughted.

$13.74 AU at the time that I bought it :D. With the currency ratios inverted now we are as the gods. (short of local markups still)
Posted 01:16pm 08/8/11
Hah, I just discovered that google does release date guestimation for games.

Though I think that one was for consoles, a hopefully more accurate PC one.
Posted 02:08pm 08/8/11
Is this game the spiritual successor of Populous: the beginning?

YES IT IS! Awesome, I'm really looking forward to this game. Populous was a really cool RTS game, instead of you being a commander you were actually a shaman and your goal was to reach godhood by conquering other tribes.

No Mac :(

wiki linked to ausgamers haha:
Posted 02:14pm 08/8/11
Not really greazy. It's more a puzzle game than a strategy game.

edit: at least, thats how the demo plays
Posted 02:21pm 08/8/11
There was a demo? :O Oh well, I own it on steam now anyway so will just wait until release.

greazy - If you never checked out the Black & White games, I highly recommend it, I think they were largely made by the same people as Populous 3. I still play Pop3 + B&W1&2 from time to time, such good games. Black & White had some crazy A.I. stuff worked into it as well - learning avatars based on all sorts of conditions, learning villagers depending on how much you did or did not over-compensate for them.
Posted 02:32pm 08/8/11
I did checkout the first B&W game but I found it frustrating probably because of the controls.

While I didn't get right into it, my friends loved it and I remember them teaching their avatars to through villagers around. Hilarious.
Posted 03:38pm 08/8/11
B&W games had lofty goals, but they suffered from server Molyneux-itis. This is where he has a grand vision and great ideas, but they actually form together to make a very average game.

Nerf: Demo was on xbox live arcade. And most of the complaints with the xbox version revolve around the poor controls so I'm definitely going to get the pc version.
Posted 01:08am 12/8/11
B&W games had lofty goals, but they suffered from server Molyneux-itis. This is where he has a grand vision and great ideas, but they actually form together to make a very average game.

Yeah I can imagine that being the case. Thankfully I'd never heard of the first until somehow getting my hands on a copy, and was blown away. Personally thought that the first was far better in terms of immersion, but the campaign became progressively frayed from what started as an interesting plot. The second tried to improve things, and did in some ways, but almost ended up playing too much like sim city or something - building enormous cities in the first B&W felt far more rewarding for me.
Posted 11:19pm 08/8/11
Just saw a From Dust ad on facebook, thought what the hell I'd click it, and noticed that Ubisoft Australia seems to be running Beyond Good & Evil as a major franchise, going by their logo - wonder if this means that the long fabled BG&E2 is upon us, or if it's just a HD thing.
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