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Post by Dan @ 11:13am 29/07/11 | 13 Comments
As the release date for RAGE draws ever closer, Bethesda continue their trailer onslaught with yet another behind the scenes look at the game's development. Today's video focuses on the creation of the game's enemies -- the contingent of mutant creatures you're encounter throughout the game -- and the gameplay on show is actually some of the most interesting to date.

Steve will be on-scene for AusGamers at Zenimax and id Software's annual QuakeCon event next week, where we'll no doubt be able to dig up more info about RAGE and other Bethesda titles on show so keep an eye out for that.

Check out the "Making of - Enemies" trailer embedded below or click here for the HD option.

RAGE is due on September 16th 2011 on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:29am 29/7/11
Man, I can not wait for RAGE. Finally ID are doing it right with their singleplayer.
Posted 12:01pm 29/7/11
^ Same. I am so pumped for this game and confident its gonna kick ass.
Posted 12:32pm 29/7/11
great stuff ID
Posted 12:33pm 29/7/11
Steve will be on-site?

Bastard, could have sent me and i'll play in the competition too :P

Side note. We have two aussies playing in the Quake Live competition.


Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:12pm 29/7/11
Cheers Python, I'll try and catch them
Posted 01:22pm 29/7/11
Man, I can not wait for RAGE.
I can not wait. I'm not waiting right now. Of course, I guess my excitement probably hit it's peak about 2-3 years ago when i first heard of rage. Now I'm just waited out.

But we've had these kinds of posts in other threads so i'll leave it there.
Posted 01:51pm 29/7/11
This game would have been something a couple of years ago... now it just feels like it's come too late though.

I'm sure it'll be a play through once type of game but then it'll get shelved.

Story line towards the end looks good. That's a good thing too, because apart from that bit of interesting teaser all the trailers haven't tickled my fancy at all.
Posted 01:59pm 29/7/11
haha duke came out to late...

This still looks great!
Posted 02:05pm 29/7/11
Gameplay and world looks pretty good, this is one to play and forget though, no re playability.

BF3 is where the hours per week will be going.
Posted 02:09pm 29/7/11
I'm sorry did you just compare re playability between a MP game and a SP campaign, or are you really going to be replaying BF3's single player over and over?
Posted 03:05pm 29/7/11
Haha KF, silly man, comparing SP to MP.
Posted 05:53pm 29/7/11
he makes a good point though Eorl.

BF3 is coming.. and while iD's latest offering looks like a good bash - it is just a single player bash that you'll play through in less than a week.

Now if Rage had a MP experience on par with Battlefield...
Posted 11:39pm 29/7/11
This is starting to look better and better I reckon. Did anyone else notice the awesome animation where he shot a guy in the arm and the guy grabbed where he'd been shot with his other hand and kept running towards him?

Also, "it's not an RPG" like music to my ears. :)
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