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Post by Dan @ 01:50pm 28/07/11 | 16 Comments
EA have released another new gameplay trailer from Need for Speed: The Run, the open road arcade racing game in the works at EA's Black Box Vancouver-based studio and notably utilising Battlefield 3's Frostbite 2 engine technology.

Titled "run to the hills", the latest trailer offers 2 minutes of in-game action on the open road through the Arizona desert. Check it out below or click here for the HD option.

Five new screenshots can also be found here on AusGamers

need for speedthe runelectronic artseatrailerscreenshots
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Latest Comments
Posted 02:06pm 28/7/11
hopefully someone can clear this up for me; at the start the video showed a map of American with a single road going from coast to coast. Is this game just going to be a couple of really long roads from coast to coast or just one long road with alternate paths that you race along or an open world racer with lots of roads and paths?
Posted 02:20pm 28/7/11
The wiki says it is a story, which will include on-foot segments.

It looks as if they need loading times to divide it up, but that the races are set going from California to New York, which sounds really cool in terms of how diverse the environments will be, but I'm a bit skeptical. Hot Pursuit is awesome, so I'm giving benefit of the doubt for now.

Wish it was like that old PS1 Le Mans game where you can do the whole thing in one sitting.
Posted 02:22pm 28/7/11
That looked quite..linear.
Posted 02:22pm 28/7/11
The story is a race from New York to San Francisco, but the game obviously doesn't re-create every inch of that route. Each dot point on that map is just a select point to point race section that you play.
Posted 02:29pm 28/7/11
Just looks like another NFS with a shiny engine.
Posted 02:37pm 28/7/11
NFS games vary from amazing to woe. Shift is a good example of s***, and underground an example of hilarious and entertaining, while some of the old hot pursuits were genre defining.

Lets hope this one isn't shift.

edit: watched some of the HD compared to the SD, anyway, they need to use filters. I hate seeing pixelated defined lines like on a wing or something.

Wonder why they didn't have the game running at a higher res/massive detail settings on. Performance issues of the beta?
Posted 02:51pm 28/7/11
Personally, I don't have high hopes for this game (note that I'm yet to see it in action -- I missed out on an e3 demo session). I really dislike the cheesy acting and storylines in Black Box's NFS games and getting out of the car is pretty silly for a game about arcade racing in exotic cars. They should stick to skateboarding games.

The last NFS game (last year's Need for Speed Hot Pursuit) was made by Criterion Games, the guys that make Burnout and imo is why is was better than all the other recent NFS games.
Posted 03:27pm 28/7/11
Wow, a race in a desert setting, never seen that before...
Posted 04:08pm 28/7/11
Posted 04:40pm 28/7/11
Agreed with Dan, f*****s should just give me another Skate.
Posted 06:21pm 28/7/11
Looks boring as bat s***.
Posted 06:33pm 28/7/11
NFS Underground 3 IMO.
or HD remakes of 1 and 2.

Or bring Forza 4 to PC.
Posted 12:48am 29/7/11
SHIFT1 and 2 are the best NFS, the rest is arcade garbage for kids.
Posted 01:02am 29/7/11
I'll take arcade racing over sim racing any day. Much more fun being able to drive like a badass/madman like in Burnout than have to worry about the real world physics of what you're doing. The last Hot Pursuit game that Criterion made was awesome, but yeah, I don't hold out a lot of hope of this one being much good. Criterion must be working on a new Burnout game by now, I'll wait for that to get my next dose of arcade racing fun.
The GuVna
Posted 04:20am 29/7/11
You guys checked out the Driver : San Francisco videos? It's looking awesome, The "matrix-sentinal' multilayer game mode looks very cool & very original idea for a driving game.
Posted 02:07pm 29/7/11
Each to their own I guess :)

For me I like simulations in any game, the more realistic the better.

Love the old PC style racing games that simulated tired wear, fuel, pit stops, damage etc... so much fun!
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