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Post by Dan @ 01:41pm 28/07/11 | 15 Comments
In case PC gamers weren't feeling neglected enough by Ubisoft by the recent PC-only delays of Call of Juarez: The Cartel and From Dust, the official Twitter channel for the Driver franchise has today confirmed that the PC version of the upcoming Driver: San Francisco will require a "permanent internet connection" to play.

This means that not only do players need an active Internet connection to launch even the singleplayer component of the PC game, but that connection has to remain active for the entirety of play, as the game periodically "phones home" to authenticate the user, pausing the game if unsuccessful.

The conversational method is clearly an attempt to curb piracy, but remains very unpopular among gamers as it inconveniences legitimate owners while the games are almost always eventually cracked by pirate distributors anyway.

Other Ubisoft games such as Assassin's Creed 2 and Splinter Cell: Conviction utilised this technology, but patches were released to remove the persistent check several months after launch.

driver san franciscoubisoftdrm
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Latest Comments
Posted 03:02pm 28/7/11
Hehe, reminds me of the minute or so of un-skippable anti-piracy and copyright crap at the beginning of DVD's. Those who see it, aren't pirating it and those that pirate it, don't see it. Flawless.

After semi recently taking my PC to a place with no stable Internet connection. I have no love for games requiring permanent connections. And I won't buy a game for singleplayer which requires such DRM.

Pirates will Pirate
Posted 03:10pm 28/7/11
Nasty. I hope they lose more money from lost potential sales and even more so when eventually it is pirated.
Posted 03:15pm 28/7/11
Im sure my Skidrow version will solve this problem:)
Posted 03:17pm 28/7/11
Just don't buy it. Ubisoft should know by now we're sick of this crap.
Posted 03:22pm 28/7/11
even if i were to buy it, which I would never do on principal, i'd probably still download the nocd/nointernets crack to play it anyway
someone will have a crack for it within days of release, like always
Posted 03:30pm 28/7/11
So if you want to play this game without an internet connection you need to dl a cracked version.

That'll teach those pirates a lesson ! argh!
Posted 03:32pm 28/7/11
Ubisoft are morons, just axe all PC development already.
Posted 03:49pm 28/7/11
Im sure my Skidrow version will solve this problem:)

omg i love those guys so much
Posted 03:51pm 28/7/11
Why are they still making Driver games anyway?
Posted 04:02pm 28/7/11
Because they think they can cash in on the latest fad in reboot titles.

It started off with Street Fighter 4 for fighting games and now its spreading over to other game genres and even other industries like the movies and even across the entire the world! maybe even across other plantes!

But seriously folks, the 1st driver on the ps1 was one of my favourite games of all time, at the time.
Posted 04:21pm 28/7/11
I hate this kind of thinking, Ive gone off before about SecuROM ruining gaming for me, GTAIV I bought legitimately, but secuROM would refuse to allow it to run, so I had to download a skidrow/reload version to play a game I actually bought, this has happened with so many games.

It also happened with BF-BC2 recently it started asking for the disk to play (got it from steam)
Posted 04:37pm 28/7/11
LOL, I own about 100 games, all legitimately purchased, and a large library of Bluray movies. I think I'll get this game illegally, play it and post my experiences on Ubisoft forums (probably telling them how much the game sucked!). They want to treat us gamers with disrespect, we'll treat them likewise! They need to be reminded that WE are the ones who are paying THEM!
Posted 04:48pm 28/7/11
Who the f*** wants to play these games anyway. Sounds s***.
Posted 05:21pm 28/7/11
Ubisoft just seems to be following the gaming industry playbook that's made the rounds at Bioware, EA and Sony lately on the most efficient way to piss off your customers.
Thank goodness the indie and mobile gaming scenes are taking off. PC gaming isn't dying, the majors are actively trying to kill it.
Posted 06:22pm 28/7/11
The first driver was cool back on PS1. It didn't need a revival.
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