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Post by Dan @ 11:53am 25/07/11 | 14 Comments
Although the popular Mass Effect games have always offered players the ability to completely customise the appearance of their player character -- including the choices of both race and gender of Commander Shepard -- BioWare have only ever used the white male archetype (reportedly modeled on Dutch fashion model Mark Vanderloo) in the game's promotional and advertising material.

In response to an online protest movement calling for a bit of gender equality, BioWare are addressing that for Mass Effect 3 with an upcoming trailer expected to feature Commander Shepard as female, voiced by the talented Jennifer Hale as well promising that both male and female versions will appear on the game's packaging.

Before that happens however, they have to settle on her default appearance so they've thrown that one out to the fans. If you head over to the official Mass Effect Facebook page, specifically -- this post -- you'll see the six options.

Of course, the Internet being as predictable as ever currently has the blonde in first place so it seems inevitable that we'll see Samus Aran in the next trailer, but it's still a nice gesture.

Mass Effect 3 is due on March 8th 2012 for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. For more information about the game, check out our recent in-depth preview.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:08pm 25/7/11
Shep number 3 for me. Number 4 looks like Rhianna, which isn't a bad thing. Wonder if they will have all of them as default options. I typically run through with default dude and chick models for ME with a possible hair colour change, not sure why as I spend hours in the character creator for most other games.
Posted 12:53pm 25/7/11
if i had to choose it would be the blondie, but they should use this femshep imo.

Posted 01:12pm 25/7/11
The Blonde Female Sheppard will win most likely... But Ravn0s I like the Femshep you posted! Personally I think the Rhianna one is kinda cool - a blonde protagonist is a bit cliched...
Posted 01:56pm 25/7/11
Err, why didn't they just use the default model from ME/ME2? They always use the default male Shepard.
Posted 02:17pm 25/7/11
They should just make her look like Jennifer Hale.
Posted 04:51pm 25/7/11
THE NAKED ONE!!!! agrlkdshf'as;ldkjfm
Posted 05:43pm 25/7/11
The blonde one, or the last one for me. The first three all look like dykes
Posted 05:47pm 25/7/11
Number six hands down. I like the blonde too, but she's a little cliche.
Posted 09:40pm 25/7/11
Male Shepard should look like Mark Meer and female Shepard should look like Mark Meer as Susanna Patchouli.
Posted 09:50pm 25/7/11
Haha, both male and female Shepard should look like Adam Sandler in Jack and Jill.
Posted 11:26pm 25/7/11
Wish the blonde one wasn't blonde, but her appearance just looks more balanced than most of the others.
The blonde looks the second best, right after ravn0s'.
Posted 12:04am 26/7/11
Err, why didn't they just use the default model from ME/ME2? They always use the default male Shepard.

Yeah, very odd. :/
Zen Apathy
Posted 12:12am 26/7/11
Number 1 reminds me of Natalie Portman so I'd go for that one. Though I'd rather it ws my femshep from ME 1 & 2 as I think she looks better then all six.
Posted 12:38am 26/7/11
I never actually saw the default femshep, but I assumed she looked like ravn0s's since I've seen tons of similar looking pics/vids around. There is actually a default right? :P May have to install ME2 to fix my ending save and check it out.


Timely "How I feel on online dating sites" :P

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